Fruit of the Spirit – Joy by Vince Finnegan

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Synonyms are great pleasure, jubilation, triumph, exultation.

Galatians 5:13-18, 22 Walking by the spirit is the way to joy. Fruit is the result of a healthy tree. The tree or source for joy is walking by the spirit.

Philippians 1:3-11 Paul’s understanding and confidence in prayer produced joy as he prayed for those he was restricted from seeing. Joy is connected to prayer because prayer is part of walking by the spirit.

1:12-18 Paul decided to focus upon the good and not the bad. Controlling our thinking is a big part of walking by the spirit. Romans 12:1-2

19-24 Paul was at the stage in his life where death was a consideration because of his age and circumstance. His decision was selfless. Serving others is part of walking by the spirit.

2:3-13 Walking by the spirit produces the fruit of joy which includes dying to self and serving others. Self-focus is walking by the flesh and the pathway to depression, fear, a troubled state of mind, resentment, rage.

14-18 Walking by the spirit is allowing God to work in you to do His will and not yours; hence, it is not grumbling and disputing. Living this way includes delight in working together with God and not being engrossed in human nature.

28-30 Fellowshipping with like-minded believers is also included in walking by the spirit.

4:1-9 Prayer, focused thinking on the things of God and not the things of the world, is walking by the spirit and produces the fruit of joy. Compulsion to dwell upon the negative at times seems the moral or virtuous thing to do, but is it? Paul was in prison when he wrote this.

10-17 I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

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