#126 – James Gosling: Java, JVM, Emacs, and the Early Days of Computing
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James Gosling is the founder and lead designer of the Java programming language. Please check out our sponsors to get a discount and to support this podcast: – Public Goods: https://publicgoods.com/lex and use code LEX – BetterHelp: https://betterhelp.com/lex – ExpressVPN: https://www.expressvpn.com/lexpod If you would like to get more information about this podcast go to https://lexfridman.com/podcast or connect with @lexfridman on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, or YouTube where you can watch the video versions of these conversations. If you enjoy the podcast, please rate it 5 stars on Apple Podcasts, follow on Spotify, or support it on Patreon. Here’s the outline of
Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast
Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast
Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying
#63: Beg Your Pardon (Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying DarkHorse Livestream)
In this 63rd in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of the world through an evolutionary lens. In this episode, we begin by discussing impeachment, pardons, and the Federalist papers, taking lessons from America’s history. Then we discuss a new research paper that finds that asymptomatic COVID cases account for half of all infections—is the research well-done, the model founded, the conclusions warranted? We discuss the fact that Oceania (New Zealand and Australia) have implemented such successful COVID containment measures that they are delaying vaccinations for a bit. And we end with a tale of two bald eagles and their nest, speaking also to other birds and their nests—swallows, Steller’s jays, robins.  DarkHorse merchandise now available at: store.darkhorsepodcast.org Find more from us on Bret’s website (https://bretweinstein.net) or Heather’s website (http://heatherheying.com).  Become a member of the DarkHorse LiveStreams, and get access to an additional Q&A livestream every month. Join at Heather's Patreon.  Like this content? Subscribe to the channel, like this video, follow us on twitter (@BretWeinstein, @HeatherEHeying), and consider helping us out by contributing to either of our Patreons or Bret’s Paypal.  Looking for clips from #DarkHorseLivestreams? Here are some, updated frequently: @DarkHorse Podcast Clips  Theme Music: Thank you to Martin Molin of Wintergatan for providing us the rights to use their excellent music.  Q&A Link: https://youtu.be/Zy0gt66WUyo  Mentioned in this episode:  Johansson et al 2021. SARS-CoV-2 Transmission From People Without COVID-19 Symptoms: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2774707?utm_source=silverchair&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=article_alert-jamanetworkopen&utm_term=mostread&utm_content=olf-widget_01152021  Lee et al 2020. Clinical course and molecular viral shedding among asymptomatic and symptomatic patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection in a community treatment center in the Republic of Korea. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2769235  Chaw et al 2020. Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 transmission in different settings, Brunei. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/11/20-2263_article  Mc Evoy et al 2020. The relative infectiousness of asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infected persons compared with symptomatic individuals: a rapid scoping review. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.07.30.20165084v1  Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security on how Oceania is preparing for vaccinations: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/COVID-19-Updates---January-15--2021.html?soid=1107826135286&aid=DdaibXsFn20  Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/bretweinstein)
1 hr 33 min
The Art of Manliness
The Art of Manliness
The Art of Manliness
The Humble, Narcissistic Leader
Research, not to mention anecdotal observation, shows that a lot of narcissists end up in leadership positions. That's because the qualities narcissism enlarges into extremes —confidence, assertiveness, a sense of destiny — help people rise to the top. Unfortunately, the same qualities of narcissism that help an individual obtain a leadership position, can prevent them from being effective in that position, and from holding onto it. My guest's research has uncovered what can be a solution to this dilemma: the timeless virtue of humility. His name is Brad Owens, he's a professor of business ethics, and we begin our discussion today by digging into the fact that studies done on the effect of narcissism on leadership have been inconsistent, with some showing it to have a positive effect, and others a negative one. Brad explains that the reason these studies may have been inconclusive, is that while narcissism can get someone into a leadership role, it then gets in the way of them succeeding in that role. We then turn to the idea that cultivating humility can temper the negative effects of narcissism, and the three aspects of humility every leader, whether narcissistic or not, should cultivate. We discuss whether there are situations where you do want to be more narcissistic than humble, what a humble, narcissistic leader looks like, and how Steve Jobs and George Washington serve as examples of this combination of qualities. Get the show notes at aom.is/humblenarcissist. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
36 min
The Jordan Harbinger Show
The Jordan Harbinger Show
Jordan Harbinger
457: Help! I Married a Conspiracy Theorist! | Feedback Friday
You and your wife of four years have had your ups and downs, but she recently revealed her belief in a number of conspiracy theories. Now you wonder if you can continue a life together when you're living in two entirely different realities. We'll examine this rabbit hole and more here on Feedback Friday! And in case you didn't already know it, Jordan Harbinger (@JordanHarbinger) and Gabriel Mizrahi (@GabeMizrahi) banter and take your comments and questions for Feedback Friday right here every week! If you want us to answer your question, register your feedback, or tell your story on one of our upcoming weekly Feedback Friday episodes, drop us a line at friday@jordanharbinger.com. Now let's dive in! Full show notes and resources can be found here: jordanharbinger.com/457 On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss: * Your wife of four years recently revealed she's gone down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole from which she may never return. Is it possible for your marriage to continue when you're each living in your own reality? [Thanks to Justin Ramsdell for helping us with this one!] * You're the top choice to run operations if your company's acquisition goes through, but your priorities have shifted toward family and you're not sure the new bosses will understand your desire for work/life balance. What’s the best way to discuss your personal plans with the team so you feel your mutual needs are being considered? [Thanks to Michelle Tillis Lederman for giving us some insight here!] * How should a financially smart, successful couple entertain the idea of cohabitating when marriage is in the plans down the road, but the relationship hasn't yet passed the one-year mark? * You're friends with a family who recently started hosting maskless "freedom rallies" that have drawn thousands of people into tight quarters during this global pandemic. Every reason you've expressed to them for why this is a terrible idea has been dismissed. Should you just give up? And is there even a future for your friendship even after this passes? * Have any questions, comments, or stories you'd like to share with us? Drop us a line at friday@jordanharbinger.com! * Connect with Jordan on Twitter at @JordanHarbinger and Instagram at @jordanharbinger. * Connect with Gabriel on Twitter at @GabeMizrahi. Sign up for Six-Minute Networking -- our free networking and relationship development mini course -- at jordanharbinger.com/course!
50 min
No Agenda
No Agenda
Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak
1313: "Q Victims"
Show Notes No Agenda Episode 1313 - "Q Victims" *"Q Victims"* Direct [link] to the mp3 file ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) 1313.noagendanotes.com *Sign Up* for the newsletter Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) archive.noagendanotes.com The No Agenda News Network- noagendanewsnetwork.com RSS Podcast Feed Experimental IPFS RSS Feed Get the No Agenda News App for your iPhone and iPad Get the NoAgendDroid app for your Android Phone Torrents of each episode via BitLove This page created with the FreedomController Credits *"Q Victims"* Executive Producers: Sir George of the Southern Carpathians Sir BobB of Sunset Beach by the Bay Sir Chris Wilson Sir CrashEMT Trevor Green Mike Bruer Sir Brian of the Green Country Sir Fur of the Shark Attack Capital of the World Anonymous Reid William Grantham Christopher Reitmeyer Sir Roly of Weybridge Sir John of the Dunkirk Mud Flats Chris Burney Anonymous Nastassja Findley Rob Allen Carlos Areces Riley Fields onno priester Peter Egan Associate Executive Producers: Kurt Butler Jake in Minneapolis Sir Butch, Foul mouth electrician of big sky country Ed Warner Sir Nick of the Black Forest Mike of the Rising Elevator Linda Gaeta Anonymous Christopher Pagels Sir Richard Garrett Mark Johnson Dennis Price B10m Brendon Cornyn James & Julia Chou 1313 Club Members: Sir George of the Southern Carpathians Sir BobB of Sunset Beach by the Bay Sir Chris Wilson Sir CrashEMT Mike Bruer Become a member of the 1314 Club, support the show here Knights & Dames Robert Buell -> Sir BobB of Sunset Beach by the Bay John McCabe -> Sir Fur of the Shark Attack Capital of the World Mark Drinkwater -> Sir Mark of the Grass Fed Dairy, Black Knight Dame Kylie the keeper on behalf of Sir Chris Wilson Taylor Butcher -> Sir Butch, Foul mouth electrician of big sky country Michael Grier -> Sir Michael of the Five Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania Peter Egan -> Sir Sneaky Blah Blah Blah Brian Yount -> Sir Brian of the Green Country Art By: Chakra Daddy End of Show Mixes: Jesse Coy Nelson - Tom Starkweather - ALF ENG Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry Mark van Dijk - Systems Master Ryan Bemrose - Program Director *NEW:* and soon on Netflix: Animated No Agenda *Sign Up* for the newsletter ShowNotes Archive of links and Assets (clips etc) 1313.noagendanotes.com New: Directory Archive of Shownotes (includes all audio and video assets used) archive.noagendanotes.com RSS Podcast Feed Get the No Agenda News App for your iPhone and iPad Get the NoAgendDroid app for your Android Phone No Agenda Lite in opus format NoAgendaTorrents.com has an RSS feed or show torrents This page created with the FreedomController 19575 Keywords
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