Let's Talk Soon
Let's Talk Soon
Feb 17, 2021
92: Core Values
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Show Notes

Upon realizing that they’ve never really talked about core values, it was definitely time for that topic in today’s episode.  Rob’s definition of core values: (1) something that is so innate in you, you don’t have a choice but to do any other thing; and (2) you are willing to be punished for it. These are different from aspirational values—the things you want and hope to do, but you may not get it 100% right.

What are the values of Let’s Talk Soon? Both agree that their core values intentionally relate to what we are “thinking about, reading about, writing about, and speaking up about.”

Together they talk about how their lifelong relationship as brother and sister—who set out to also be friends—has been a long journey of choosing, knowing, and living by core values.

(And even in a serious conversation about core values, laughter shows up.)


“Of course, ‘fun’ is one of the values of my company, Blue Trumpet Creative, because…well, it’s my company.” – Rob

“A value of our company is that we tip well, because…we’re generous! It’s a company value.” – Rob

“I wouldn’t say that we are justice fighters, but I would say that we’re intentional about being thought leaders.” – Tricia

“There is a core value in just being fully engaged where you are—as Bob Goff talks about, being where your feet are. Stop paying attention to other things, things that are happening tomorrow or happened yesterday; just be where your feet are. Wiggle your toes, feel the earth underneath you, and be where you are right now.” – Rob

“Time is the great non-renewable resource.” – Brene Brown


Sources Quoted or Recommended (more information may be available on www.amazon.com or other media resources)

McKelvey Douglas, Every Moment Holy. Available on Amazon.com

www.bluetrumpetcreative.com Rob’s new company!  Check it out and see if he can be of assistance to you or your organization!


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