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Episode 69: The Mastery Ladder
Feb 6, 2020 · 23 min
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In today’s episode Gary and Naren discuss the 4 parts of Dr. Panke’s Mastery Ladder in dentistry. Gary also goes in depth on the importance of the top 3 steps of the ladder.


  * Introduction to today’s episode > 02:45
  * The Mastery Ladder > 03:20
  * The top of the ladder; those who achieve mastery status > 03:37
  * Only two percent achieve mastery status > 04:35
  * Second to the top of the ladder; Adept > 04:55
  * Third to the top of the ladder; Students > 05:50
  * The bottom of the ladder; Indifferent > 06:26
  * It will be virtually impossible to climb the ladder if you are a PPO providing dentist > 11:11
  * The odds for getting in the two percent are better than staying as a contracted dentist > 18:11
  * When you are feeling hopeless, the concept that dentistry rocks has gone away > 20:32

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