Less Insurance Dependence Podcast
Episode 52 - The Pivot - Creating New Chapters in Life, Work And The Thriving Dentist
Oct 10, 2019 · 20 min
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In this episode Gary and Naren discuss the birth of the first dental podcast and how it came to be, new chapters, new formats and work-life balance.


  • Gary’s new chapter and helping more dentists < 6:07
  • The birth of the first dental podcast - Thriving Dentist Show < 6:56
  • The Pivot - a Thriving Dentist make-over < 9:10
  • Core element of Life Smiles - 3 day work week < 11:47
  • The new format breakdown < 13:09
  • How to talk to your patients about going out of network < 17:25

Contact Naren: Naren@ekwa.com

Thriving Dentist Podcast Show: https://www.thrivingdentist.com/podcast-show/

Less Insurance Dependence Episode #17 - How to communicate to your existing patients that you are going out of network: https://www.lessinsurancedependence.com/how-to-communicate-to-your-existing-patients-that-you-are-going-out-of-network/

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