Are You Resisting Routines? [Episode 107]
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Do you have a love/hate relationship with routines? You know you need them so life will run more smoothly, but maybe you start to feel restricted or frustrated when routines "run your life"? You're not alone, and today, I (April) had the chance to sit down with Jill-the-STEP-Coach to talk about how each one of us can actually get to the point that we LOVE our routines because they work with our goals, values, and lifestyle...providing all kinds of flexibility and support so we can live our best lives. Full Show Notes can be found at

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Crystal Paine Show
Crystal Paine Show
Crystal Paine
108. How to Love Someone You Disagree With
With all the turmoil in the world and the prevalence of fear and fear mongering in the media and in our social feeds, how do we continue to love someone we disagree with? This is a question Jesse and I have gotten a few times, but we’ve also struggled with this topic ourselves. We’re sharing how we’re dealing with it and ways that you can as well. We are living in a world inundated with an unprecedented amount of fear being generated and presented to us in all areas of our lives. That fear leads us, as a matter of human nature, to become very reactionary and to stop processing before we start making statements. Add in the issue of social media and it’s as if society has created the perfect powder keg on the verge of combustion. One of the best ways to avoid the explosion is to not engage in conversations online. So many times we find ourselves simply wanting to be right about our opinions. Opinions however are not facts and rather than having a dialogue, we end up creating a one-sided debate that no one will ever win. Instead, take the conversation offline, and remember to listen with a heart willing to understand. Does this mean you’ll agree with the other person? Of course not. But being willing to understand their perspective and to not make decisions about them as a person based on their opinions is extremely important. As with all things in this world, the people are more important than the opinions. Just because someone disagrees with your political views doesn’t make them a bad person. It means that they’ve walked a different path. Take a minute and listen to their story rather than trying to make them fit a mold that’ll never conform to them. Of course if you have any questions or want to talk about this topic more, email me at and let’s chat. In This Episode: [00:45] Jesse and I are chatting about how to love people you disagree with. [01:47] Duck poppers are saving Jesse’s life this week. They were so good! [03:50] How we altered them to fit the preferences of the family because some of us (me) don’t like spicy foods. [05:38] Granola and greek yogurt are saving my life these days. [07:08] Why I’ve been trying to wear real pajamas to bed. [09:18] I posted about my habit tracker and came to find out… Jesse was right. [11:35] I have been reading/listening to We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. [15:53] A quick story about how I used to pronounce Yosemite. [16:58] Jesse has been reading SOG by John Plaster. [17:53] The question that inspired this episode. [19:27] There is so much fear circulating in the world causing us to feel reactionary. [21:06] Then to add on top of the fear is the insidious nature of social media. [23:28] We lose so much online by not having face to face conversations. [26:22] Why you need to listen with a heart to understand the other person. [28:07] Another huge issue is sweeping generalizations. [30:00] Always remember to care about the person more than their opinion. Links and Resources: Crystal Paine Crystal Paine on Instagram Money Saving Mom Money Saving Mom on Facebook Money Saving Mom Deal Seekers Facebook group * Better Habits: 5 Steps to Start & Stick With Them My Habit Tracker We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter Libby App The 52 Books I Plan to Read in 2021 SOG by John Plaster
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Taste for Truth - Weight Loss Encouragement
Taste for Truth - Weight Loss Encouragement
Barb Raveling
How to Stop Overeating in the Afternoon - 7 Tips
When I ask women what time of day they most often break their boundaries, I usually get one of two answers: either mid-afternoon or evening. Since I've already done a couple of podcast episodes on how to end evening eating, today I'd like to talk about how to stop overeating in the afternoon. Let's begin by looking at why this is a tempting time of day. Who struggles with afternoon eating? While anyone can struggle with overeating in the afternoon, here are the most common groups of people: * Stay-at-home moms * Homeschool moms * Retired people * People who work from home: entrepreneurs, writers, etc. * Homemakers I think the reason these groups struggle the most is because we're actually at home in the afternoon! Chances are good that people who work outside the home would love to start eating at 3:00 in the afternoon but their jobs prevent them from eating at that time. Although if you often pop down to the vending machine at work or in your college dorm around 3:00 in the afternoon, you know the struggle to stop overeating in the afternoon. Why do we feel like breaking boundaries in the afternoon? If we want to stop overeating in the afternoon, we need to first find out why we're tempted to eat in the afternoon. This will be different for everyone, and also different on each day of the week. You may find that you eat for all of the following reasons. Let's take a look at some of the reasons we're inclined to overeat in the afternoon. * We've already used up all our willpower for the day. In my interview with Drew Dyck on how to increase self-control on the Christian Habits Podcast, Drew said that we each have a limited supply of willpower. Towards the end of the day, that willpower starts to dwindle--so what we could have said no to in the morning, we may not have the strength to say no to in the afternoon. * We're bored. Often we've been busy all morning working or spending time with the kids and by mid-afternoon we're bored. We want some excitement in our lives! * We're physically tired. We may also be plain old tired and in need of a nap! The problem is that we're often either not in a situation where we can take a nap, or we're in a situation where we can take a nap but for whatever reason we don't do it. When that happens we feel like eating because we think a snack will perk us up. * We're tired of working. Sometimes we're not physically tired, we're just tired of working. Tired of always being on task and always responsible. If we don't feel like we can justify taking a break, we'll be tempted eat in rebellion. * We're emotional. If something happened earlier in the day to upset us and we didn't take the time to process our emotions, those emotions will keep getting bigger and bigger throughout the day. Soon they'll be so big, they'll spill out and cry, "Let's get something to eat! WE NEED A TREAT!!!!" That often happens around 3:00--and sometimes earlier! * We're procrastinating. Another reason we eat in the afternoon is because we've been procrastinating some terrible job all day and one of our best coping techniques for procrastination is to eat. Until we actually do that job, we'll probably feel like breaking our boundaries and eating. * We're beating ourselves up for what we didn't get done that morning. Often when we procrastinate, we have a tendency to beat ourselves up. We say, "You got nothing done today, you lazy oaf!!" This just makes us want to open the fridge and eat everything in sight to drown out the sound of our failures. How do we stop overeating in the afternoon? Now that we've seen the reasons for afternoon eating, let's look at some solutions that will help us stop overeating. * Try not to have treats in the house. (Depleted Willpower) If we don't have treats in the house, we'll be far less likely to break our boundaries at 3:00 when our willpower is depleted. We could still drive out and get those treats, but often we're so tired we're unwilling to make the effort to drive anywhere. Another option is to ask your spouse or roommate to hide the treats from you until they get home from work. If you do that, though, don't get mad at them if they don't tell you where they are when you call to ask! The minute you do that, they won't want to hide them anymore. They could also take them to work with them if you're the type of person who searches for the treats until you find them. * Take a break and do something fun. (Boredom) This doesn't have to be a major fun event. It could be as simple as turning on some great music and dancing to one of the songs, bundling up the kids and going on a walk, calling a friend for a visit, or reading a few pages or a chapter in a non-addictive book. If you have more freedom, you could have a bath or run out and do errands (if you enjoy errands). Anything you can do to give yourself a change of pace from normal life will help you avoid eating due to boredom. Another thing that helps is to change your expectations - life is not a vacation! The more we learn to enjoy regular life and work, the happier we'll be. For more on how to overcome boredom eating, listen to this podcast episode: How to Stop Boredom Eating. * Take a nap or do some exercise. (Tired) So often we think food will perk us up, but it will only perk us up if our body needs food. If our body doesn't need food--or if we're feeding it unhealthy food--it just makes us more tired. One of my friends used to go to our local coffee kiosk to get a beanaccino (a white chocolate frappe) for a little pick me up in the afternoon. After a week or so, he discovered that every time he did that, he was energized for about 30 minutes and then had a big crash. So while the 30 minutes was nice, it wasn't worth the rest of the afternoon of being tired. Taking a nap or getting a little exercise will do wonders to give you the energy you need to get through the day. For more help to stop overeating because you're tired, click here: 8 Questions to Help with Tired Eating * Take a mandatory break. (Tired of working) People who work in an office take breaks throughout the day. They talk to co-workers, take phone calls, and even check their emails. They also have a lunch break and some of them take two other 15-minute breaks. Yet those of us at home sometimes think we need to keep working ALL day. That's crazy! Not only is it stressful, it's also unproductive because we don't get the reset that a good break gives us. To remedy that situation, take mandatory breaks--even if you feel like you can't. Those breaks may look different for the stay-at-home mom than the empty-nest entrepreneur (not quite as cushy with kids afoot), but they can still be wonderful and refreshing. If you work at home, consider having a hard cutoff time for the day's work, then celebrate being done and go do something else. If you're not trying to force yourself to work when you shouldn't be, you'll be less likely to break your boundaries because you'll no longer need to eat in rebellion! An added advantage is that it gives you the fresh start that Drew Dyck talked about in my interview with him on how to have self-control. If you take a mandatory lunch break for example and a little time with God at that point, that could do wonders toward giving yourself a fresh start and replenishing your willpower for the afternoon, which will help you stop overeating. * Renew your mind. (Negative emotions) If something has happened to upset you during the day, the sooner you renew your mind the better. Take some time to truth journal, go for a prayer walk, or do the questions from I Deserve a Donut or the Renewing of the Mind Project so you can get rid of those negative emotions. If you get rid of the emotions that make you feel like eating, it will be much easier to follow your boundaries during the afternoon. * Break dreaded jobs into a series of small tasks and start on the first task. (Procrastination) If you're tempted to eat because of procrastin…
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Don't Mom Alone Podcast
Don't Mom Alone Podcast
Heather MacFadyen
Finding Yourself in Motherhood :: Amber O'Neal Johnston [Ep 310]
Amber O’Neal describes herself as a homeschooling mama using Charlotte Mason principles in an atmosphere where “Charlotte Mason wears an afro.” She joins me to talk about how she unexpectedly found she loved homeschooling and working to help her kids love themselves and others. “The Holy Spirit is the supreme educator and the Holy Spirit will speak directly and work directly with our children just as he does through us. And that was a total reframe for me because it gave me a lot of freedom and released a lot of pressure for me when I realized that I'm actually not the supreme educator, I am a guide and I'm going to come alongside my child and that my job is not to teach in the traditional sense of teaching, but more to act as a guide.” Amber shares why she’s creating resources for her children and others to share books and history from people of color and the journey she’s been on with her children as she encourages them to embrace their skin color and cultural history. And her resources and the Charlotte Mason principles aren’t just for homeschooling mamas. She has book lists of great things to read with your children to give them a more holistic view on black history, poetry and culture. Connect with Amber: * Website: * Facebook: * Instagram: @heritagemomblog Links Mentioned: * Amber’s Heritage Packs and more * Book Recommendations from Amber * About Charlotte Mason Featured Sponsors: * Acorn TV --try it for FREE for 30 days use code: DMA * Function of Beauty-- get 20% off first order at
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