Leaning Toward Wisdom
But I’ll Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel (5042)
Sep 28, 2019 · 1 hr 15 min
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 Music fuels a lot of episodes around here. Today's show is no different. It was sparked by a song that Drew and Ellie Holcomb recorded on their last record, Dragons (August 2019). Track 3, "But I'll Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel." Drew and Ellie met in college. They're both 37. They've been married for about 13 years. I don't know much more than that, except what we can discern from the music they create together. I rather think that after 13 years they're still in love with each other and their music. It's a pretty sweet gig they've got going. I've got my own sweet gig going. And today I'm going to tell you all about it. Okay, maybe I'm not going to tell you ALL about it, but I'm going to tell you enough about it to spark your own reflections into your own life. Especially the most important people in your life. I intended this show - today's show - to be something different. I even teased it over at the private Facebook group. Love, Laughter and Levity. The more I worked on it the worse things got. I kept getting stuck. And it's not because those topics don't have a heavy influence in my life. I'm not really sure why it was so hard. I started noodling around with the last topic, levity. Maybe that was a poor strategy. It's a pretty easy subject for me really because in spite of my sober demeanor I rather enjoy snarkiness, sarcasm, and levity. And I laugh pretty regularly. I was walking, as I am wont to do in the wee hours and listening to tunes. At some point, I activated Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors latest record, Dragons. First up, a tune called, "Family." It's a short little lively song. 2 minutes 20 seconds. It's a great video featuring many of Nashville's musicians and their family. Well, that's all she wrote. I was stuck now on a different course for this episode. I instantly went to the first L word of the proposed title, LOVE. I'm a hopeless romantic. And very sentimental. Always have been. There is no cure. Warning this episode is going to lean into all this so if that's not your thing, I get it. It's a shame 'cause you're really missing out on some of life's most terrific elements in my opinion. But that's okay. If you want to hit STOP and catch the next episode, I'll try to understand even though it won't be easy! :D By the time track 3 launched into my earbuds, a song I'd listened to many, many times before...I was a mess. "But I'll Never Forget The Way You Make Me Feel." Here's a 37-year-old couple singing about growing old together. Him, unable to remember specific details perhaps, but always able to remember the way she makes him feel. We're 62 now. Me and Rhonda. We are growing older together. We're pushing hard on entering year 42 of our marriage. Year 45 of being a couple. Being 17 or 18 and in love is pretty terrific. Being 62 and just as in love is even better. It was likely a Saturday, but I don't remember that detail. Guess I'm a lot like Drew's song. But that's about the only thing I don't remember. We were out at a park at the far end southern end of Highland Road in Baton Rouge. Flying kites. At the northern end of Highland Road is the entrance to LSU. I lived somewhere between LSU and the park off Highland Road. Rhonda had come down from Ft. Worth to visit. We were already a couple. I was mad about her and getting more so by the day. Attending classes at LSU was drudgery except for handwriting daily letters to take by the Student Union to drop into the mail. And checking my mailbox daily for her letters. It was a habit we maintained for over 2 years. Such was life in the 70's when you don't have Internet, cell phones or social media. The music that weekend was a heavy rotation of Poco's album, Crazy Eyes. I was a bigtime Richie Furay fan, the leader of Poco. He had the talent to pull off a 10-minute title track song in what we then called progressive country music. My eyes were crazy for this Texas girl. 
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