Leaning Toward Wisdom
People Need A Melody To Open Their Eyes – LTW5038
Aug 17, 2019 · 49 min
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Thirty-nine years today - around 6 am - August 17, 1980, a Sunday morning - we had a baby boy. We named him Ryan Dale. And it changed our lives forever. In all the best ways. We were now parents. Today, he's all grown up. A father of three. A successful business owner, TruVision Property Inspections. A Christian. It's fitting that I recorded an episode on his birthday. And it's even more fitting that I crafted this particular episode. My son makes me better in every way and provides a profitable melody that has definitely helped open my eyes through the years. Lord willing, we'll have many more melodies yet to come. Enjoy the show!  'Cause people need a melody to open their eyes Like a key to a memory frozen in time Holding onto everything, you're stuck in the past Boy, when you gonna learn the world moves fast? The record is by The Head And The Heart. It was released back in May (2019). It hasn't been very well received by critics. I'm a fan of the band, but this record wouldn't likely make my top 3 for them. Even so, this track got my attention right away when the album was released. And I admit the rest of the record sort of grew on me. You know I'm a sucker for compelling lyrics, which is why this track - People Need A Melody - got my attention. People need a melody to open their eyes I've walked a bunch of miles with this song playing in my headphones. Mostly during the hours of darkness. Ironic that a lyric about opening your eyes to see something more clearly has been listened mostly while walking in the dark. With no light other than what the moon provides. When I first heard the lyric I admit it caused me to remember something from the Bible in 1st Samuel chapter 16. King Saul was tormented, but when David played his harp and then Saul felt better. Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher and lecturer known as the “philosopher of pessimism.” Now that's a moniker one could wear proudly, huh? I don't know of his work and knew nothing of him until I began to search for who people claim first said, "Music soothes the soul." Doesn't much matter who said it because I know it originated in that story of King Saul in the Old Testament. Music soothed his savage soul. But the words written by Mr. Schopenhauer were interesting to me. It has always been said that music is the language of feeling and of passion, as words are the language of reason. Now the nature of man consists in this, that his will strives, is satisfied and strives anew, and so on forever. Indeed, his happiness and well-being consist simply in the quick transition from wish to satisfaction, and from satisfaction to a new wish. For the absence of satisfaction is suffering, the empty longing for a new wish, languor, ennui. And corresponding to this, the nature of melody is a constant digression and deviation from the keynote in a thousand ways, not only to the harmonious intervals to the third and dominant, but to every tone, to the dissonant sevenths and to the superfluous degrees; yet there always follows a constant return to the keynote. I know enough music theory to be dangerous. Dangerous to music theory, that is. ;) But I have a basic understanding of what Art wrote. Music and melody is a great, great gift. I don't trust anybody who doesn't love music. Nor am I likely to enjoy their company. #JustSaying These ideas - sparked in part by this song - is why I recorded episode 5037 about shutting out the noise and the sights that would distract us from being our best. Last week's show was based on the latter half of the lyrics of the chorus... Holding onto everything, you're stuck in the past Boy, when you gonna learn the world moves fast? I'm fond of this idea, posed as a question... You can base your future on your imagination, but I suspect most people don't. Instead, they get stuck in their head, focused on the past. And they allow their past to define not just their present,
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