Ep. 36 The Healthiest Pet Diet with Micol Romano
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You may or may not know this, but I am totally obsessed with my dog Luna. She’s my 3.5-year-old rescue and when I picked her up from the shelter, I immediately knew that the dry food or canned food diet that I was recommended she eat, was not going to make the cut for me. After all, I eat mostly plant-based food and I know that nutrition is one of the most important aspects of our health. Doing the math I knew, that Luna, as a living organism, being a dog and having 99% wolf DNA would not thrive eating factory-produced processed food. It was basic, natural math for me. I just couldn’t feed her that. 

So the diet we decided to feed her is home-cooked meals. We buy her organic meat and cook it with veggies, and add vitamins and minerals to help her thrive. Although she seems to love her diet, in the back of my mind I always knew, that I would eventually switch her to a raw food diet, having done my research and knowing that it’s the healthiest option for her. But the learning curve is steep and something about the raw food diet always intimidated me. I had a lot of questions about it. 

This is why I was so thrilled to meet my guest on today’s show, Micol Romano. Micol is an entrepreneur who specializes in helping dog and cat owners transition their animals to a natural, raw diet and integrate holistic practices in their pet's health. She’s a trained osteopath and homeopath and went to a veterinary school specializing in animal nutrition. She eventually decided to suspend her studies for different opportunities in life. Her greatest moments are those spent with her animals in the wild outdoors. Micol also has a very rich immigrant background, having spent her childhood in Italy speaking a mix of Italian and German, moving to the US and later to Germany. 

On today’s show, Micol discussed the difficulties with the transition period when speaking different languages, looking at nature for best practices, the problem with dry and wet food diet for dogs, how to start your pet on a raw food diet, how to balance a raw food diet, the best thing for cancer prevention in dogs, how to vary the raw food diet and how to batch prepare your dogs food. 

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