172: Building a Lasting Business w/ Rebecca Minkoff
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“If you truly want to build a lasting brand, it’s about 99% of the hard work and 1% of the red carpets.”

In this episode, fashion designer and entrepreneur Rebecca Minkoff talks overcoming challenges in your business, tradeoffs in entrepreneurship, and evolving your brand through everchanging trends.

Rebecca is a mother of two, podcast host, and Co-founder of the established brand: Rebecca Minkoff—“a destination where functionality, modern femininity, and the current culture moment converge.”

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The Perfectionism Project
The Perfectionism Project
Sam Laura Brown
Ep 257: Pregnancy + Perfectionism
Today I have a very exciting episode to share with you. It’s on pregnancy and perfectionism. I’m pregnant! I’m just over half way through my pregnancy and we’re having a baby girl. I wanted to share this exciting news with you but also share how pregnancy and perfectionism can be experienced together. I’ve had my perfectionist mindset come up a lot when it came to trying to conceive, getting pregnant and then going through pregnancy. Tune into this three part episode as I share my thoughts and feelings before getting pregnant, when I found out I was pregnant and during my pregnancy. I really wanted to share how my perfectionist mindset has come up throughout this experience. In This Episode You’ll Learn: * Ways a perfectionist mindset can show up during pregnancy * Ways that I was able to slow my overthinking before and during pregnancy * Tips for prioritising your workload when you’re feeling fatigued during pregnancy * How my pregnancy has allowed me to scale my business and its impact Featured In The Episode: * Perfectionists Getting Shit Done - group coaching program * FREE Training * Episode 242: Personal Growth Update November 2020 Join us in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done If you enjoy listening to this podcast, I highly recommend joining my group coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done. When you become a member of our community, you’ll get instant access to my proven process for building a full-time coaching business without getting laughed at. It’s called the Full-Time Formula and it’s all yours, alongside our coaching calls, courses and PGSD Private Podcast, as soon as you sign up. Join our group coaching program today at samlaurabrown.com/membership
1 hr 38 min
Exam Study Expert: ace your exams with the science of learning
Exam Study Expert: ace your exams with the science of learning
William Wadsworth
Science Of Learning: 6 Strategies To Maximise Memory & Save You Time
Welcome to "Science Of Learning" season on the Exam Study Expert podcast! Over the next few weeks, we'll be maximising YOUR memory - breaking down the exact strategies you need to learn faster and remember more, with help from some of the world's leading memory psychologists. We're kicking things off with a golden extract from the archives: Dr Yana Weinstein-Jones, a cognitive psychologist and science communicator, explaining the SIX main learning strategies that science tells us will get you bigger results in less time. * Get Yana's awesome book at https://geni.us/understandinglearning *Download Exam Study Expert’s guide* to using learning science to learn faster and remember more than ever before, at https://examstudyexpert.com/books-and-guides/free-study-guides/ * ABOUT YOUR HOST: *William Wadsworth*, Founder & Learning Scientist at Exam Study Expert “Memory psychologist, independent researcher and study skills coach. I help ambitious students to study smarter, not harder, so they can ace their exams with less work and less stress.” *BOOK 1:1 COACHING* to supercharge your exam success: https://examstudyexpert.com/workwithme/ * As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases on suggested books. You pay nothing extra. I make these recommendations based on extensive personal experience and because I think they are genuinely helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I receive.
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