S3 #01 COVID Weddings Surging in 2021 - Laura and Benny Show
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The Third Season, The Third Wave, The Real Surge.

As things get serious in Ireland with COVID, restrictions are at Level 5 and micro weddings are only permitted. Micro Weddings being 6 guests allowed at a wedding. Laura and Benny are back for the first time in 2021.

A typical long winding intro with Benny dropping the bomb that the last audio podcast went live, Laura thought it was binned. Laura is in much better form but does a bit of dooms-day-ing imagining the worst case for weddings. Total stopping of weddings and then a guest cap for levels that should permit higher numbers of guests! Laura’s doom and gloom is reversed though as positive stories come to the fore.

What to check for your micro wedding is dealt with? Clarity on what suppliers are permitted at level 5. Reassurance on the travel limits. The Garda are sound! They will not wreck your wedding!

The big dance debate is put to bed by Benny, Benny grants his clearance for dancing being a null threat compared to spending 10 hours in 25 peoples’ company. The music should be permitted when 25 guest weddings are back. In practice the ban is ineffective, get campaigning!

Postponements: the reason for postponing is discussed, be it international travel, tolerance thresholds, big party desires or the big drama show. Examples are given as to what people are doing in 2021. Benny says ride it until you are uncomfortable, make sure you get a happy ending.

What is reasonable to expect from 2021 guest numbers wise is discussed, be it 25 guests, 50 guests, 100 guests. Realistically it is too hard to predict. March 2021 is at the moment the hardest to work out and people trying to work out the sweet spot for 2021 weddings.

Locking in a date without checking with multiple suppliers is the biggest roadblock to 2021.

Brexit still manages to get a mention.

Christmas 2021 is discussed and the rules that may exist in December 2021.

Benny reconfirms when no restrictions will apply to weddings.

Hugging can recommence in 2022.

When will wedding bands be back?

When will 100 guests be permitted at Weddings?

Laura and Benny Photography are wedding photographers in Cork, Ireland.

Laura and Benny have shared their knowledge of weddings and the challenges of COVID in detail on articles on their website.

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