30 Years Later: Remembering Iben Browning’s False New Madrid Earthquake Prediction
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Thirty years ago, the late Iben Browning, a self-proclaimed climatologist, predicted that the St. Louis area was in for a major earthquake along the New Madrid Seismic Zone. He forecast that it would happen right around Dec. 3, 1990, sparking a media frenzy in the small town of New Madrid, Missouri, and causing many to stock up on emergency supplies.
Super Awesome Science Show (SASS)
Super Awesome Science Show (SASS)
The Travelling Pandemic
Billions of trips occur yearly by all sorts of vessels including cars, trains, boats, and airplanes. They help humans get from point A to point B quickly and effectively. But travel can also help turn an outbreak into a pandemic. Over the millennia, we’ve seen how human movement and migration can spread an infectious disease across the planet. We have had a few close calls and one was the SARS epidemic in 2003. After the world returned to normal, our guest worked on how to develop early warning systems to ensure no outbreak went undetected and allowed to spread across the world. His name is Ron St. John and he was the Director General of the Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response at the Public Health Agency of Canada. He also helped develop the Global Public Health Intelligence Network which helps health professionals rapidly detect, identify, assess, prevent and mitigate threats to human health. He now works to help inform the public of threats associated with travel with his company, Sitata.    While this discussion will offer you more than you might have heard regarding travel and infectious diseases, I’m sure you will have questions. Which is why I hope you reach out to me on Twitter, by Email, or via voice message at Speakpipe.com/SASS. Just follow the link below and send me your thoughts.  Twitter: @JATetro Email: thegermguy@gmail.com Voice Message: https://speakpipe.com/SASS Guest: Ron St. John https://www.sitata.com/en See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Charles Adler Tonight
Charles Adler Tonight
Global News / Curiouscast
The Full Show with guest host Jody Vance: The latest on the two Michaels, how the travel industry will shape up post pandemic, and supporting Canadian restaurants.
Increased family access for two Canadians detained in China. Why Canadian experts say though it’s welcomed, it’s a drop in the ocean when compared to the privileges of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou Guest - Stephanie Carvin - Associate Professor of International Relations at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs Controversy on recommended gap between vaccine doses When should one get their Pfizer vaccine booster? Guest - Dr. Jason Kindrachuk - Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair Department of Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, University of Manitoba  Making the best of the Winter months and pandemic for a better mental health How are you holding up during this particularly bleak winter period? Guest - Jena Sharma - Learning and leadership expert specializing in social and emotional children and youth; and founder of Calmversation What travel could look like post-pandemic A tough time for the travel industry.  Guest - Claire Newell - Global News Travel Expert and CKNW Contributor Supporting Canadian Restaurants. Rallyforrestaurants.ca. What is Rallyforrestaurants.ca.? Guest - Scott Moore - CEO of @Uninterupted in Canada. Subscribe to the Charles Adler Tonight podcast to hear more: https://curiouscast.ca/podcast/135/charles-adler-tonight/   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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How To Citizen with Baratunde
How To Citizen with Baratunde
To Be Less Polarized, We Must Humanize (with Esther Perel)
Baratunde ends Season One focused on the state of our relationships, a key pillar of how to citizen, and thus the health of our society after the most contentious election in modern history. In conversation with world-renowned relationship expert, Esther Perel, they discuss how to repair relationships in this moment, and how choosing to listen and humanize each other is not only how to citizen, but enlightened self-interest.   Show Notes + Links We are grateful to Esther Perel for joining us! Follow her @EstherPerelOfficial on IG or @estherperel on Twitter. or find more of her work at EstherPerel.com.  We will post this episode, a transcript, show notes and more at howtocitizen.com. Please show your support for the show in the form of a review and rating. It makes a huge difference with the algorithmic overlords!  INTERNAL ACTIONS  What is your model of relationships? Were you raised to believe in self-reliance and autonomy or interdependence and loyalty? Do you conceive of yourself as an “I” trying to develop a “We” or the other way around?   Take inventory of the relationships in your life.  Identify relationships in your life that are polarized over politics. Determine which make you truly unsafe that you must let go, then focus on those where you are still committed to some level of relationship and you can still see possibility. In those relationships, make the choice to humanize the person, listen, and find common ground, no matter how small. Reflect on your own behavior and language. Can you acknowledge any responsibility for the state of the relationship?   Examine your own perspectives about people who vote differently than you.  What about your view or beliefs about “these people” makes you fearful? If these thoughts were reversed, would they sound fair or accurate to you? Can you imagine another dimension to one of them as to why they vote or behave the way they do?    EXTERNAL ACTIONS Choose to deepen one or two relationships with people who voted differently from you. Instead of ignoring how a loved one voted, practice engaging through questions, not arguments. Be curious. Remember the question from Eric Liu in Ep 2: “what are you afraid of?” and add “what do you hope for?” and “what do you care about?” Build and invest in relationships outside of politics. We need more excuses to connect with each other beyond politics. In our second episode, Eric Liu asked us to start a club, any club. Do it. If you’re already in one or more, good for you. Stay connected to others through the common interests you share. Invest in those relationships.  ------------------------------------------------------ If you take any of these actions, share that with us - action@howtocitizen.com. Mention Humanize in the subject line. And share about your citizening on social media using #howtocitizen.  SEASON BREAK NOTES Thrilled at the response. - example of quotes about the show, slack, inbox, or reviews in itunes. If you’ve enjoyed, the NUMBER ONE WAY PODCAST GROW are by word of mouth. Tell someone about the show or your favorite episode.  Thanks for riding with us this season. Here’s the news on the future of this show: There’s a future of this show! We will be making a second season and expect to release it in the first quarter of 2021.  We might drop some special episodes during this transition period for our country and our podcast, but here’s some ways to stay connected… Baratunde and show social @baratunde on socials. @howtocitizenwithbaratunde on IG 202-894-8844 “citizen” Send us email or voice memo! on what you’ve thought of season 1 and what you’d want to hear in season 2. comments@howtocitizen.com Listen back to season 1, Visit Baratunde's website to sign up for his newsletter to learn about upcoming guests, live tapings, and more. Follow him on Instagram or join his Patreon. You can even text him, like right now at 202-894-8844. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers
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