Claus Pummer | Is Your Mattress Sabotaging Your Keto Results? KKP: 195
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Today, I am blessed to have here with me a sleep expert, Claus Pummer. Claus has worked with SAMINA for over 20 years and not only believes in the SAMINA Sleep System but chooses it for his health and sleep. In addition to running the North American Company, he speaks, writes, and educates people about the importance of sleep in their health and wellbeing.

Natural by Design, Corp., founded by Claus Pummer in 1998, is a lifestyle furnishings company and the exclusive importer of SAMINA products in North America. Hand-crafted in the Austrian Alps, SAMINA is the naturally healthy brand of luxury organic mattresses and products promoting optimal health through sleep.

Their delight comes from their customers and offering them a solution for the healthy sleep they have been missing and need now more than ever before. SAMINA healthy sleep advisers can answer questions you have about the products and are trained to understand human sleep's essentials. Their flagship organic mattress store is located conveniently in sunny Pasadena, California, not far from downtown Los Angeles.

In this episode, Claus Pummer reveals the inspiration behind his career in the sleep world. Not sure if you're getting efficient sleep? Claus says that if you have brain fog, you're cranky, unhappy, or indecisive, then you are not getting the best sleep! Your mattress could be toxic, and those toxins are bioaccumulating in your body. So, when researching mattresses, make sure you know exactly what they put in it – if it doesn't sound natural, then you shouldn't be sleeping on it. Tune in as Claus reveals the benefits of SAMINA, how to notice the results from a good night's sleep, and why you should never sleep with a metal bed frame.

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[00:40] About Claus Pummer

  • During hardship, Claus realized that people still valued their sleep.
  • The more stressed out you are, the more sleep is essential.
  • In the recession, people were saving their money to make a long-term, healthy purchase for their sleep.
  • Eventually, Claus set his entire vision around changing the way people sleep.

[06:25] The Side Effects of Poor Sleep

  • If you’re not sleeping well, that may be the reason that you are overweight.
  • Brain fog in the morning is a result of poor sleep.
  • If you’re cranky, most likely, your rest was not efficient.
  • When you’re not happy in life, then perhaps you do not sleep well enough.
  • If you’re indecisive, then that’s a sign of poor sleep.
  • Not enough people talk about the proper way to sleep.

[09:20] The Problems With Your Mattress

  • Mattresses are one of the worst things to buy for humans. A study found that people dreaded a mattress purchase over everything else (except buying a car).
  • People understand that they need a mattress, but they don’t want to deal with the research to buy a mattress.
  • Make sure you find out what is in your mattress. If you know what is in your mattress, then you will know if it’s good for you or bad for you.

[11:20] About Mattress Red Flags

  • Metal springs are red flags.
  • Unnatural materials are red flags.
  • People will put fire retardants and petroleum in their mattresses.
  • If there are things in the bed that don’t come from nature, then you don’t want it in your mattress.
  • When you spend 1/3 of your day on your mattress, you better know what is in it!

[14:25] About SAMINA Sleep   

  • SAMINA sleep is a family business. This company was not started for a quick buck. It took over ten years to figure out the best sleep system.
  • Hand-crafted in the Austrian Alps, SAMINA is the naturally healthy brand of luxury organic mattresses and products promoting optimal health through sleep.
  • The company’s humble beginnings began in Austria, where SAMINA was founded in 1989.
  • Günther W. Amann-Jennson, the company founder and current CEO, designed the organic mattresses and other SAMINA healthy sleep products to improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

[22:55] The Problem With Metals

  • Metals in the mattress and bedframes are not ideal for sleep.
  • Metal will attract electrical fields and metal fields. The exposure comes from powerlines around your house.
  • Also, radio frequencies are invisible from transmitting data. Metal will attract the radio frequencies. Bluetooth devices and wireless devices create radio frequencies.
  • Walking barefoot is highly recommended to ground yourself naturally to the earth. That way, you can recharge your body.
  • In a SAMINA bed, there is a grounding pad. Sleeping with the SAMINA system is equivalent to walking on the beach barefoot.

[31:10] Noticing Results With SAMINA

  • How often do you dream? Dreaming is an excellent self-assessment to measure your sleep. Anytime you wake up, and you remember your dream, then you had a deep sleep. When you have a deep sleep, then your body is able to recover.
  • SAMINA has a positive impact on dreams.
  • Oura Ring is highly recommended to measure your sleep.
  • When you wake up in the morning, and your back hurts, then there is something wrong.

[39:20] How Long A SAMINA Bed Will Last

  • Some SAMINA items will last a lifetime.
  • The natural rubber will need to be replaced between fifteen and twenty years.
  • You do not throw the mattress away; you simply exchange the rubber parts.
  • In the United States, American people throw 20 million mattresses away every year.
  • When you replace the SAMINA rubber, you can throw it in the compost.
  • The product is 100% authentic and natural.


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Welcome to the Siim Land Podcast. My name is Siim Land and today we talk with Alex Tarnava. Alex is the founder and CEO of DrinkHRW, which is a company that sells molecular hydrogen tablets. Molecular hydrogen is one of the most potent antioxidants in nature and it has a lot of health benefits. As Alex and I will discuss in this episode, molecular hydrogen is like a hormesis molecule that will either lower inflammation or stimulate the nervous system depending on what is needed. I like to drink it in the morning and it feels great for relieving inflammation or tiredness. If you want to try out DrinkHRW then use the code SIIM at for a 10% discount. Timestamps: * 00:55 Why Alex Was Forced into Biohacking * 05:40 How Alex Started Using Molecular Hydrogen * 15:50 Most Ingredients in Supplements Aren't Proven to Be Safe * 18:22 Has Alex Healed His Body * 20:45 Hormesis Effect of Hydrogen * 27:00 Why Does Hydrogen Have Benefits * 31:00 Acute VS Continuous Hydrogen Exposure * 35:55 When to Take Molecular Hydrogen * 41:15 Personalized Stress Response in Hormesis * 46:15 Alex's Responses to Ketosis * 50:00 Difference Between Water Generators and Tablets * 59:00 Importance of Following a Scientific Protocol in Biohacking And much more Here are the links to the podcast on all platforms * Link to the Audio Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher * Link to the podcast on Spotify * Link to the podcast on CastBox * Watch the Biohacking Bootcamp Videos on Patreon This episode is brought to you by KAATSU Training. KAATSU bands incorporate blood flow moderation training that tricks the body into thinking it lifts much heavier weights than it actually is. When traditional weight lifting requires you to reach 70-80% of your 1 repetition maximum to stimulate muscle hypertrophy, then KAATSU achieves that effect only at 20-30%. So, it’s perfect for treating injuries or used when you don’t have access to heavyweights. Research about KAATSU bands also shows it lowers blood pressure, speeds up recovery from injuries, releases stem cells, builds muscle, burns fat and prevents age-related muscle loss. PLUS, you can travel with them easily and still get a good workout on the road. If you want to try out the KAATSU Cycle bands, then use the code SIIM for a 10% Discount at! That’s and the 10% code is SIIM. You can get a 20% discount off all their blood tests with the code SIIMLAND and Use the code SIIMLAND for a 20% discount at Show Notes * Get Drink HRW Molecular Hydrogen for 10% OFF With the Code SIIM * Alex Tarnava YouTube Channel * DrinkHRW Instagram * Use Code SIIM for a 10% Discount on the KAATSU Bands * Get Your Vitamin D Checked for a 20% Discount at LetsGetChecked * The Immunity Fix Book * My New Book Stronger by Stress * My NEW BOOK Metabolic Autophagy * Metabolic Autophagy Audiobook * Metabolic Autophagy Master Class * Total Sleep Optimization Video Course * Get the FULL GUIDE to INTERMITTENT FASTING FREE BOOK * Get the Metabolic Autophagy Program * Keto Adaptation Manual Book * Watch the Biohacking Bootcamp Videos on Patreon * Body Mind Empowerment Handbook * Keto Fit Program * Keto // IF Program Stay Empowered Siim
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