Ketogeek's Podcast
Ketogeek's Podcast
Mar 11, 2022
77. Competitive Fishing and Chasing Outdoor Adventures While Having a Busy Family Life |Edie Wilkinson
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Edie is a competitive angler who loves the outdoors. She is also a mother and works full-time. In this episode, we learn how she is able to chase her passions while overcoming some of the very dark parts of her life. 


Edie Wilkinson is a tournament angler from Indiana who lives the outdoor lifestyle while being a mother.  



0:30 Ketogeek introductions

7:11 Guest introductions

10:30 How did you get into competitive fishing?

12:38 How can you get started into fishing?

13:54 How do you find a place to fish?

15:00 How does your normal day look like as someone who is passionate about fishing?

17:54 What do you listen to while fishing?

19:06 What is your routine like during fishing competitions?

20:46 Do you compete alone or as a team?

22:55 Do you like competing solo or as a team?

25:58 What did you learn from your most recent fishing?

29:55 What do you want to do long term in life?

32:29 How do you start pursuing things you are passionate in life?

34:00 How do you talk to your family and kids when it comes to adopting a new outdoor lifestyle?

38:55 How long do competitions last?

40:15 How do you win a fishing competition?

46:36 What are some challenges modern women face these days?

47:52 How did you get into motorbike riding?

50:24 Where would you travel to if you had unlimited money?

55:00 How do you cook fish as someone who fishes?

56:06 What does your family think about your fishing passion?

1:00:58 What are some of the most memorable experiences you had?


Instagram: Edie Wilkinson (@bass_queen83)


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