Justin Mohr Show
Justin Mohr Show
Dec 10, 2017
The Bitcoin futures market is now open and the bitcoin mania continues by hitting an all-time high over $17,000 per BTC! Is this the next tulip bubble from Holland in the 1600’s?
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The Bitcoin futures market is now open! What does this mean for Bitcoin now that people have the ability to short it? If you look at a chart of Bitcoin it literally goes straight up!  How long will this bitcoin bull market continue? In a two week period, Bitcoin went from $8,000 per coin to $16,000!  There’s definitely a lot of similarities between Bitcoin and the tulip bulb mania from the 1600s. People literally were trading their houses for a single tulip bulb!  What, you say this time is different? From what I have seen from history, this time is never different.

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