Juiced Pineapples Podcast
KAKU-LP 88.5 FM Airs & Streams Juiced Pineapples: A sweet radio show from Lanai "Juiced Pineapples" KAKU-LP 88.5 FM, the radio station at Akaku: Maui Community Television (Akaku) is airing and streaming on kakuakaku.org sweet programs on the radio called “Juiced Pineapples” a 30-minute radio show produced by students in a classroom from the pineapple isle, Lana’i. “The enthusiasm in the students is easy to see and they work so hard to produce a well written and scripted show” said Karen de Brum, Lana’i High and Elementary schoolteacher, who has been teaching English and radio for more than 13 years. Her vision for starting a radio station began 10-years ago in 1999; where she was awarded $65,000 from a grant proposal to build a radio station that integrated radio and media into the English classroom. De Brum’s student radio network was the first in Lana’i to broadcast out of a classroom. Over the past few years, de Brum encountered numerous snags with the FCC in obtaining and renewing the proper licenses to air over the radio station. “Our radio station was playing during school hours, which meant there was no audience even listening to keep the radio station alive,” said de Brum. Last October, Akaku staff was fortunate to have met de Brum during a film shoot of Career Day at Lana’i High & Elementary School and was thrilled to offer its services to the students. De Brum’s students received a chance to pre-record a 30-minute radio segment on KAKU-LP 88.5 FM channel and stream the program on the radio and internet. “With the help from KAKU-LP 88.5 FM, the program provides an excellent opportunity for students to engage in local community media and by getting the students to make pre-recorded shows for the radio station, it enables them to feel confident in their ability to write, speak and gain radio education experience,” said Ben Yashon, Akaku Radio Program Director. KAKU 88.5 FM is a 24/7 traditional and contemporary Hawaii music format station that is committed to share Hawaiian music and culture with the Maui and Lana’i communities. To listen to a classroom full of “pineapples getting juiced” tune in Monday thru Friday from 4:30-5:00pm or log on to www.akaku.org and click on KAKU radio for an audio stream.
Juiced Pineapples Podcast
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