Worth Every Penny Joycast
#6: 5 Reasons Why Your Photography Marketing Isn't Working
Jun 12, 2020 · 21 min
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Marketing. It is one of the hardest things to learn and implement successfully when you’re a business owner. Second-guessing every idea. Letting fear of doing it wrong paralyze you from doing anything at all. When I think back to my years of working at an ad agency, I remember seeing the same thing from client after client. So trust me on this one, photographer friend. You’re not alone in this. Most business owners try marketing, but don’t do it correctly. So when it doesn’t work, they start to build up head trash about why they aren’t good at it or why marketing just doesn’t work for them. Jumping from thing to thing to thing – Instagram, Facebook ads, blogging, Pinterest, email newsletters, magazines…. they don’t stick with anything long enough to make it work and the downward spiral continues. Listen. If this is you, it’s not your fault! Hang with me because I have identified the top 5 reasons your marketing isn’t working. And by the end of this joycast, I want you to know why things aren’t working for you and what you can do about it!

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