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Career Relaunch™
Dec 18, 2019
Wearing Different Hats with Sophie Scott- CR69
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We all have to sometimes wear different hats in our lives and careers. You’re often required to wear different hats in your career if you’re balancing different professional identities or just trying to maintain a certain image at work that doesn’t always reflect how you’re truly feeling inside. In Career Relaunch episode 69, Sophie Scott describes how she balances the work she does as both a psychotherapist and founder of Balance Media.

We had a nice conversation about wearing different professional hats, managing your own wellbeing, and of course, maintaining balance in your life. I’ll also describe how those people who seem to have it all figured out in their careers may still struggling with their own issues.

Key Career Insights

  1. The losses you experience in your life can be a huge tragedy but also a blessing that can inform the career choices you may that can provide the most meaning.
  2. It’s so important to connect with not only others but also with yourself. Use your purpose as your primary motivator to guide your decisions.
  3. All of us are still works-in-progress. Although it may seem like someone has the perfect life, earns an incredible income, or has everything figured out, the reality is that most of us are still trying to figure things out.
  4. Having several career changes is not unusual these days. If the idea of switching careers feels “weird” to you, consider thinking about your career as a series of chapters rather than as one continuous vocation.
  5. There’s incredible strength in being an adaptable generalist rather than a specialist because you’re able to connect the dots amongst disparate disciplines.
  6. When you’re burnt out, it’s not a good time to make a decision. Instead, it’s a time to rest, recuperate, and ask for support.

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Resources Mentioned

  • Sophie mentioned that psychological projection and transference both have useful applications to understanding professional relationships in the workplace. Here’s a helpful article from Psychology Today about projection and another on transference.
  • Sophie mentioned the Thought Diary app, which can help you manage your emotions and thoughts. Download it from the Google Play store and iOS app store.

Listener Challenge

During this episode’s Mental Fuel segment, I talked about the importance of acknowledging to yourself that the struggles you’re going through may not have to do with a bad choice you’ve made, approach you’ve chosen, or talent you don’t possess. Instead, your career struggle may just be a very normal part of the situation you’re in, a struggle that many other people would also have if they were in a similar situation. Consider cutting yourself some slack and reminding yourself you’re doing your best with the resources and energy you have.

That’s all you can do.

But if you need a boost, or if you need support, to go ahead and take that step to ask for help. To ask for help from a friend, mentor, or professional who can help you sort through it.

About Sophie Scott, Psychotherapist & Founder of Balance Media

Sophie Scott is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of BALANCE, leading the award-winning, high growth media and lifestyle brand into the top tier of UK publications. She also regularly advises brands on go-to-market strategies and delivers wellness workshops for the likes of L’Oreal, Mediacom and Accenture. She’s coached and mentored at every level, from students to Fortune 500 CEOs, and has completed her 5-year training in Psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education.

Follow Sophie on Instagram and Balance on Instagram and Facebook.

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