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Moving to a new country is never simple. In this episode of Career Relaunch, lettering artist Alex Trochut will share his story of moving from Barcelona to New York City. We’ll discuss the importance of paying attention to your professional desires and ways to rekindle your relationship with your own work. After our conversation, during today’s Mental Fuel, I explain what I do to keep my own work exciting and interesting.

Key Career Insights

  1. Starting is the hardest part, especially when you cross paths with people who question and challenge your plans.
  2. You have to pay attention to what you actually enjoy so you can then transform those desires into something valuable.
  3. Our careers are like marriages. Routines can take over, so you have to find a way to rekindle your relationship with your work. It’s difficult to do great work when you’re bored.

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Resources Mentioned

Check out this short film by Daniel Soares featuring Alex Trochut on what it’s like to be a freelancer in NYC.

Listener Challenge

During this episode’s Mental Fuel segment, my challenge to you was to find one way to make your work more exciting for yourself by changing one part of your work routine. It could be something as simple as listening to music or working in a different café or it could mean investing more time into that side gig of yours or finding a way to get more involved with that project that truly excites you.

Start this week. Rekindle the relationship you have with your job. And see what impact it has on your work and your life.

About Alex Trochut, Lettering Designer & Artist

After completing his design studies at Elisava Superior School of Design, Alex Trochut established his own design studio in Barcelona before relocating to New York City. Through his design, illustration and typographic practice, he’s developed an intuitive way of working that’s resulted in his expressive visual style. He’s partnered with some of the world’s most iconic brands and artists – from Katy Perry to the Rolling Stones – to bring their album artwork to life. He’s been nominated for a GrammyAward for Best Recording Packaging, recognized for his inventive lettering style by the Art Director’s Club, and selected as one of the top 5 of the 20 most influential designers in the last 20 years by Computer Arts Magazine. He’s recently embarked on an artistic collaboration to convey the meaning behind the word Truth.

Follow Alex on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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