Career Relaunch®
Career Relaunch®
Jul 12, 2017
Reimagining Your Career with Dinara Kasko- CR22
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Your past professional experiences can often play an unexpected role in shaping your future career. In this week’s episode of Career Relaunch, Dinara Kasko explains how she used her training as an architect to now create beautiful architectural desserts as a pastry chef. We’ll discuss the importance of persistence, how to get your work noticed, and how to put yourself in a position to get lucky.

In the Mental Fuel® segment, I’ll share a few thoughts on how to leverage your past experiences to create a way forward with your future career ambitions.

Key Career Insights

  1. Even if you don’t plan to follow a traditional career path built on your educational training, those experiences can still play a part in your career of choice.
  2. Persistence and patience are so important when you’re trying to get your work noticed. You never know when you’ll turn a corner and gain traction.
  3. Before moving in a new career direction, consider how you’ll create a clear narrative that gives you a “right to play” in that industry.

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Listener Challenge

At the end of this episode’s Mental Fuel® segment, I recommended you find some way to take one element of your your past experiences to think about how you can leverage your past to open a door to the future. What’s 1 specific element of your past experiences you could use to help you create a unique, “right to play” in the career space you’re trying to enter? Share your actions below!

About Dinara Kasko, Pastry Chef

Dinara Kasko is a Pastry Chef from Ukraine. After graduating from Kharkov University Architecture School and working as an architect, designer, and a 3D visualizer, Dinara started baking some simple cakes & pies, but quickly began creating more complex, architectural cakes, which turned into her passion. She now uses a unique technique of digitally designing her cakes then using a 3D printer to create molds she uses to build those cakes. To check out Dinara’s amazing pastry creations, follower her on Instagram.

A sampling of Dinara Kasko’s creations . . .

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