Jocko Podcast
Jocko Podcast
Oct 28, 2020
253: The Ceiling You Can't Break Through is Made By You. Guidelines for the Leader and Commander pt. 3
1 hr 41 min

0:00:00 - Opening

1:41:13 - Guidelines for the Leader and the Commander, by Gen. Bruce Clarke

1:32:11 - How to stay on THE PATH.

1:38:29 - Closing Gratitude

The Art of Manliness
The Art of Manliness
The Art of Manliness
#664: The Masters of the Art of War
Looked at from the heat of combat, war can seem disorganized and chaotic. But overarching the conflict is typically some kind of thoughtful, well-ordered, even scientific strategy that is influencing when, where, how, and why dueling forces have met. My guest today will introduce us to a few of the military philosophers and tacticians who made the most significant contributions to the art of strategy over the last couple millenia. His name is Andrew Wilson, and he's a professor at the Naval War College, as well as the lecturer of the Great Courses course, Masters of War: History's Greatest Strategic Thinkers. We begin our conversation with a brief overview of what martial strategy is, why civilians should study it, and how the contrast between generals Eisenhower and Patton delineate the difference between strategy and operations. We then survey several of history's most influential war strategists, and the contexts in which their theories and doctrines were born. This tour includes a discussion of how Sun Tzu used The Art of War to argue that a new type of war in a new type of society required a new type of general who could process conflicts like a supercomputer, and a dive into how Carl von Clausewitz emphasized the importance of understanding how complexity, irrational passions, and creative genius underlay contemporary warfare. We end our conversation with how military strategy has or hasn’t changed in the 21st century. Get the show notes at See for privacy information.
50 min
Mind of The Warrior
Mind of The Warrior
Mike Simpson
MOTW #72: Health Maintenance
Mike Simpson has served over three decades in the military as an Airborne Ranger, a Special Forces Operator, and finally as a Doctor of Emergency Medicine assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Throughout his career, Mike has deployed to 17 different countries, from counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of South America, to the Global War on Terror (GWOT) in Southwest Asia and North Africa. Along the way, Mike has been trained as a demolitions expert, SWAT Sniper, High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachutist, civilian paramedic, Special Forces Medic, Operations and intelligence Sergeant, and finally, a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician. Mike is also a martial arts enthusiast, who trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. His passion for martial arts motivated him to become a practicing fight doctor. As one of the foremost experts in both tactical trauma medicine and combat sports medicine, Mike is highly sought after as a lecturer and instructor, working extensively with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, law enforcement, and military organizations providing medical care and training. He co-stars on Hunting Hitler on the History Channel. Email: Facebook: Instagram: @drmikesimpson Website: Shop affiliates: Supplements: (Save 10% on every purchase when you use this page) Nutrition: Merchandise: promo code: MOTW15 (Save 15%) Promotion code at checkout for 20% off: MOTW
49 min
The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast
The Money Pit Home Improvement Podcast
Tom Kraeutler & Leslie Segrete
Episode #2053: Easy Fixes for Holiday Lights | Simple Fun Weekend-Sized Projects | How to Secure Home Before Holiday Travel
Are you preparing to deck your halls this holiday season…and maybe even your windows, doors and trees? Make sure your holiday lights are working before you spend hours stringing and hanging them. We’ve got fast, free and easy holiday light fixes Home projects have never been more popular than they have over the last few months of the pandemic. But DIY doesn’t mean you need a full shop full of tools to tackle. We’ll share fun, smaller projects that you can get done with staplers, glue guns and simple materials around the home. Before you set out to travel this holiday season it’s important to make sure your home is safe and secure – ESPECIALLY your garage. We’ll share why the garage door can be a vulnerable point of entry for burglars… and what steps to take to secure it, coming up. Toy-making elves are popular during the holidays, so why not give your kids the tools – literally – to make some unique toys and projects of their own? How to keep young hands, brains and imaginations busy with a fun and practical take on building blocks. Plus, answers to your home improvement questions about, best caulk to use for windows, repairing decorative columns, eliminating bathroom moisture, insulating a cathedral ceiling Do you have a home improvement or decor question? Call the show 24/7 at 888-MONEY-PIT (888-666-3974) or post your question here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
40 min
Mike Drop
Mike Drop
Mike Ritland
Episode 64: Back From The Dead with Jason Redman
In this harrowing tale of learning true leadership the hard way, I sat down with former Navy SEAL Jason Redman to talk about his story of coming back after being seriously wounded in combat and making the most of adversity. From Ranger School to Iraq, there's no shortage of great lessons learned and how to maximize opportunities from the adversity in this one. Sponsored by @jockofuel, @originusa, and @resiliencecbd ---------- Table of Timestamps: 0:00 Show Start 7:26 Breaking the Ice (Best Childhood Memory) 17:50 Growing Up Redman 29:10 Sights on Seal Team 41:10 Run Through The Jungle (Seal Team 4) 46:20 Freshman Year, 9/11 53:40 Make the Call 1:02:40 Sh*tcanned back to Bagram 1:07:30 Ranger School, Round 1 1:15:30 Ranger School, Round 2 1:20:40 Back in (Platoon) Black 1:28:00 Jason's Injury 1:46:10 Off the Medevac 2:00:45 The Wife, The Kids, & The Recovery 2:15:40 Lessons in the Aftermath 2:21:10 Living Proof of a Comeback ---------- To find out more about Jason or to purchase one of his books, visit or find him on Facebook and Instagram @jasonredmanww. Check out Jason's podcast, Moving The Needle with Jason Redman, on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. ---------- Support our sponsors: Origin Labs | | @ORIGIN USA Resilience CBD | | @resiliencecbd Apparel, accessories, protection dogs, and online training at Online dog training | _https://teamdog.pet_ Team Dog Facebook | @TeamDog Training Books, Blog, Media and more from Mike Ritland at
2 hr 36 min
Team Never Quit
Team Never Quit
Marcus Luttrell and Andrew Brockenbush
Jeff Tiegs: US Army Ranger & Delta Force, Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency Expert, COO of All Things Possible Ministries
Jeff Tiegs is an amazing difference-maker. He uses his extensive experience in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency to counter sex-trafficking in the United States. With over 25 years is in U.S. Army Special Operations, as well as combat experience and multiple tours in Afghanistan & Iraq, Jeff is applying that expertise in his endeavors. Jeff is The Chief Operating Officer at All Things Possible Ministries, whose mission is to identify, interrupt, and restore those affected by trauma.   In this episode you will hear:   In the U.S., we are unbelievable consumers of prostitution, and what comes with that is minors. You’re on deployment every time you walk out of the house. One in four women is sexually assaulted or sexually abused. The sex trafficking crime is so open. It’s openly advertised. There are people that think we should defund the police. I think more reasonable people think we should reallocate funds and figure out ways to do this better. There are people out there who can augment what law enforcement is lacking. The [funding] money is gonna go where the people demand it. [Our organization], All Things Possible does everything from simple counseling to freeing sex slaves. Find strength in simply being alive.  What comes off of your tongue – what you speak – is what you become. The term “Yahweh” is the sound of breathing. The mere fact that we, as humans, are breathing, we’re saying the name of our Creator every time we breathe. What is God’s name? The thing that gives breath to everything that lives. The first thing a baby says is that breath of life.  One family, who lost their son on the battlefield, found relief in the fact that the last breath their son took was the name of our creator. Find strength, find solace, and find peace, in that simple act of breathing. If you’re alive, you’re saying God’s name, and He’s there to help to you.
1 hr 12 min
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