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5 Lifestyle Activities That Cripple the Immune System
Mar 27, 2020 · 26 min
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With the continued spread of COVID-19, self-isolation has become the norm in many places. But there are five common things that people do every day that hurt their immune system. In this episode, Dr. Jockers explains why your immune system actually benefits from being subjected to bacteria and viruses. He also discusses the lifestyle activities that cripple our immune system and how to avoid the further decline of our immune health. All these strategies are going to apply to help you take back control of your health!


“Most people are going to get infected with COVID-19. Your body is going to be stronger and more resilient by going through it.” - Dr. Jockers


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In This Episode:


- The reason why your immune system needs to be exposed to viruses and bacteria


- Five behaviors that weaken your immune system


- Top eight foods to strengthen your immune health


- Activities that improve your immunity


- Health benefits of Vitamin C, D, and Zinc


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