#125: Can I Do Racial Reconciliation Right? With Jemar Tisby
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We're diving in deep today because this is a conversation we need to have. We're talking about racism. It's a word heavy with all sorts of emotion, but no matter where you are with this topic, this is a safe, humble, kind, and informative conversation.

Author Jemar Tisby is with us, and he shares his model called the "ARC of Racial Justice." You'll gain practical ideas on how you can be an agent of healing to a world that desperately needs it.

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The Alli Worthington Show
The Alli Worthington Show
Alli Worthington
Rebuilding Your Marriage with Kevin Myers
Hey friends! We’re kicking off a mini-series on marriage this week, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this conversation with you! Marriage is a beautiful and life-giving experience for many of us because we have a trusted partner by our side to celebrate the good times and weather life’s unexpected storms. But sometimes the storms can begin to overwhelm the relationship, and we can easily find ourselves in a relationship that looks nothing like it did when it began. Today, author and 12Stone Church senior pastor Kevin Myers and I talk about tackling common marriage problems, rebuilding our relationships, and making them stronger than ever before. We also talk about his book The Second Happy along with seven strategies to rebuild your marriage, how to use prayer to work on internal problems that help us (and our spouse!), and how to evict the elephants in your marriage. Listen in to hear: * How fighting fairly allows for intimacy in a relationship and how this intimacy helps us grow closer as a couple and with God. * How to view conflict resolution through “buckets” and when to apply water on your issues instead of gas. * How God can help us with our marriage through thoughtful and intentional prayer. Favorite quotes: 1. I think a lot of times people feel the weight of carrying both sides of the problem and you can't. You can only carry your side. 2. You realize in the life of ministry, if you're really devoted to helping people, that some things are broken that they can't fix and only God can fix. 3. Everybody in the church carries two buckets and you're either adding to harmony or conflict, but you're never neutral. 4. We tend to use marriage rather than build it, because we're trying to build so many other things in our world. 5. You cannot consistently pray over someone you love and consistently despise them. In this episode I answer this question: What’s your take on the law of attraction? (36:52) Great things we discussed: 1. Kevin Myers at 12Stone 2. The Second Happy: Seven Practices To Make Your Marriage Better Than Your Honeymoon 3. Stairway to Heaven 4. The Mandalorian 5. Change Your World 6. Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secrets 7. Groundhog Day 8. The Schuyler Sisters 9. Guns and Ships 10. Standing Strong Hope you loved this episode! Be sure to subscribe in iTunes and slap some stars on a review! :) xo, Alli www.alliworthington.com/kevinmyers/
44 min
Daily Grace
Daily Grace
The Daily Grace Co.
Does God Want Us to be Happy?
“Choose holiness, not happiness.” Are these two things mutually exclusive? Does our personal pursuit of holiness come at the expense of our happiness? Actually, no! When we go to God’s Word, we see that the terms “happiness” and “joy” are used interchangeably. In fact, we see the key to effectively glorifying God in our lives is by enjoying Him. Our holiness and happiness are intricately connected! God desires for you to be happy knowing that He alone is the Source of our holiness and happiness. Connect with us: www.dailygracepodcast.com www.thedailygraceco.com https://www.facebook.com/thedailygraceco/ https://www.instagram.com/thedailygraceco/ Questions? Email us! podcast@thedailygraceco.com _______________________________ Resources mentioned in this episode: Aussie Bites "Is Happiness Different from Joy?" with Randy Alcorn from Desiring God Happiness by Randy Alcorn Westminster Shorter Catechism, Question 1 Ep. 68 Walking Through Seasons of Spiritual Dryness by Daily Grace The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis The Expulsive Power of a New Affection by Thomas Chalmers Ep. 96 True Hope for Hard Times: Setting Our Eyes on Eternity by Daily Grace Scripture mentioned in this episode: Jeremiah 31:13 Isaiah 52:7 Luke 2:10 Matthew 5:2-12 1 Timothy 2:4 Psalm 32:1 Psalm 16:11 John 16:33 Psalm 5:11 1 Thessalonians 5:16 Psalm 119:18 Psalm 16:3 Psalm 30:5 Connect with us: Subscribe to Daily Grace: on iOS, go to our iTunes page and click subscribe. On Android, click this podcast RSS feed link and choose your podcast app. If needed, you can copy this link directly into your favorite podcast app (like Stitcher or Overcast). Or follow us on Spotify! We would love if you took a few minutes to leave us an iTunes review to help spread the word about Daily Grace! We want to invite more women into our conversations! Download The Daily Grace app: for iOS, click here to download. On Android, click here to download. Visit The Daily Grace Co. for beautiful products for the whole family that will equip you on your journey to knowing and loving God more. Subscribe to The Daily Grace Newsletter and receive free Bible study resources in your inbox. Like The Daily Grace Co. on Facebook. Follow on Instagram for the latest updates on the podcast and The Daily Grace Co. Engage with our Facebook community, “The Daily Grace Co. Community”. Read The Daily Grace blog for encouragement throughout the week that is steeped in biblical truths. **Affiliate links used are used where appropriate.** Thank you for supporting the products that support the production of this podcast!
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