Stop Training Like This
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I've cracked the code to getting lean.

And it doesn't include MetCon, AMRAP, or any type of circuit training. 

In fact, you can get lean without any cardio. 

... Although I don't recommend it for optimal health.

So how should you train to lose fat, build muscle, and optimize your health? 

Listen and learn:

  • What's the minimum effective dose of cardio? [4:42]
  • Are there benefits to ladders, AMRAP, or MetCon? [8:45]
  • How to build better athletes or become more athletic yourself. [14:40]
  • Why you should stop doing CrossFit (or never start). [25:53]
  • When's the ideal time to shut off screens before bed? [30:10]
  • What training advice would I give my younger self for better gains? [32:24]
  • Is there a smart way to bulk and cut? [38:39]
  • Why I no longer rage against the machines. [44:48]


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