#421: How to STOP Wasting Time in the Gym
Play • 41 min

Sadly, most people waste the majority of their best training years. And they end up with nothing to show for it. No appreciable amount of muscle. No visible abs. No impressive strength levels. 

They just spin their wheels and end up looking and feeling just like everyone else. Why even bother training if that's the outcome? There's a better way. And I'm gonna show it to you. 

Listen and learn:

  • What training split to use for the best results. 
  • How to sequence exercises properly for more gains and less pain. 
  • What rep range to focus on to build muscle faster. 
  • How much volume to do so that you avoid overtraining. 
  • How much protein to eat to maximize hypertrophy. 
  • How many warmup sets to do to optimize performance. 
  • Crucial tips for preventing injuries. 



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