How to Align Your Mindset + Visibility Goals with Kylie Hodges
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Episode #209. Visibility is a word that's thrown around a lot, but it’s also easier said than done. If you’re not getting the visibility you really want, you may be unintentionally hiding and holding yourself back from really getting out there.

Here to clear the air on what visibility is and what it means to get it is Coach in Demand Founder Kylie Hodges. Join us now to get a new perspective on visibility and the mindset that comes in behind it.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why getting in front of your audience isn’t the only thing that matters
  • How you’re hiding from visibility without even knowing it
  • What spirited action means and how it can propel you forward 
  • How to manage visibility when you lean towards introversion
  • Why you don’t need a crazy, unique story to get visibility

Favorite Quotes

“You can literally be standing in front of people talking to them, but if you're not showing up in the way that they need to see you, you're not getting visible.”

“How can you be the conduit of joy for what you have to offer? Do you love it so much you want to shout it from the rooftops and share with people what makes it so great? If not, you’ve got to do some reflection on what's keeping you from feeling that way because that's where visibility comes in.”

“Even if you're a personal brand, you are not your business. When you can accept that it's a very freeing moment because it gives you permission to fail and know that it has nothing to do with your value as a human being.”

Discussed on the Show:

More about Kylie:

Kylie Hodges is the founder of Coach in Demand - where she works with talented coaches who want to turn their under-earning, overwhelming business into a client and money magnet. She helps coaches who struggle to earn enough money, are inconsistent with attracting and closing quality clients, and don’t know what else to do.

With the help of her Fully Booked & Free process, they learn how to bring in loyal clients and simplify their to-do list while making more money so that they can stop the anxious, wishful thinking and finally fulfill the reason they became a coach to begin with: to make a big impact.

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