Mindset Exercise to Jumpstart Your Goals
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Episode #206. How are you going to get from dreaming and scheming your goals to actually achieving them? The outer-transformation of achieving your goals begins with an inner-transformation from your mindset.

In this episode, I’m sharing a goal-getting assignment that will help you step into the person you’re becoming and get to that next version of who you are, accomplishing the goals you set out this year. 

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What to do when real life gets in the way of your goals
  • The inner-transformation that needs to happen first
  • How to journal your way into the right state of mind
  • Why your identity has everything to do with your success

Favorite Quotes

“Your goal is not just about the strategy, it's not just about the implementation, it’s about showing up as the person who achieves that goal.”

“When we set a big goal, we can see it so clearly. But then we show up and we're like, ‘But I'm the same person and I have the same clients and the same business.’ There's this big disconnect of where we see ourselves and our business going and what our actual day-to-day is.”

“We accomplish these things and people see us differently, but we don't see ourselves differently. We don't allow our minds to catch up with who we've become and that will continue to hold us back.”

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