Yaqeen Podcast
Yaqeen Podcast
Jan 24, 2021
Ep 24 - The Power of Forgiveness | Guidebook to God
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What is the prophetic way of forgiving others? Learn how to forgive those around you and seek justice in healthy ways. 

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ABC Islam
ABC Islam
Ambassadors of Islam
Ep.88: How To Stop Addiction (Porn, Music, Smoking And More)
FREE GIFTS FOR YOU, click here: ​https://linktr.ee/abcislam In our fifty-second of our series named “Islamically Independent”: We discuss how to stop any kind of addictions you could be feeling guilty of. This could be the addiction of pornography, smoking, music and more. First of all, we discuss nowadays young Muslims feel the need to entertain themselves with several haram activities that are addictive. Secondly, we discuss how Islam views these addictions and how to manage them. Lastly, we discuss how to stop any of addictions effectively with simple and best 6 tips we gathered through research. Listen to the entire podcast episode till the end to eliminate any addictions starting from today. We hope that you will benefit from this extremely important topic that no one talks about in the Muslim community, in she Allah. -------------------------------------ABOUT THIS SPECIAL SERIES-------------------------------------- We believe that all young Muslims deserve independence, but can this be done in the halal way? In this new season, we unlock the secrets that every young Muslim should know to be Islamically independet, according to the Qur’an and Hadiths, but also living the best life in this world. Stay tuned for weekly episodes every Monday and Wednesday, In Sha Allah. As always, these podcasts are welcome and open to any person regardless of your gender, age, race or religion, so please feel free to subscribe/follow this Podcast. Follow us on Instagram @ambassadorsofislam for free Islamic reminders Contact us on ​abcislam100@gmail.com Leave us a good review on Apple Podcasts Jazak Allah Khair :) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/abc-islam6/message
19 min
Quran in English
Quran in English
Quran in English
Sura 39 Crowed Gathering/ The Throngs. /AlZumur/
This Sura : Crowed Gathering another translation is Throngs the Arabic word is Alzumar. A Makkah sura with 75 verses. Did you know , when we enter heaven it’s in a large group from Verse73. Zumura! So make sure the friends around you lift you up in this world and the next! Verse 23 melts my heart (God has sent down the most beautiful of all teachings: a Scripture that is consistent and draws comparisons, that causes the skin of those in awe of their Lord to quiver. Then their skins and their hearts soften at the mention of God) this is a guidance from God, so repeat this verse day and night till your heart softens and ask Allah always for guidance. Verse 36 repeat it if you are worried about anything ( Is God not enough for his servants). And verse 38 ( God is enough for me!). Sometimes we worry about things in our lives , verse 52 (Do they not know that God provides abundantly for anyone He will and gives sparingly to anyone He will) repeat this verse. Remember to use the Quran in your daily lives, for inner peace , for asking guidance in everything you do. No matter what mistakes you have done , as long as you believe that He is the One and only. Repeat verse 53 ( My servants who have harmed yourselves by your own excess, do not despair of God’s mercy, God forgives all sins: He is truly the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.). The last Verse is so powerful, this is the ending of judgment day! (The angles surrounding the Throne, glorifying Their Lord with praise. True judgment will have been passed between them, and it will be said, ‘Praise be to God, the Lord of the Worlds’ what an amazing ending ! The end of the day of judgment Will end with gratitude ! May Allah bring us all together dear listeners Zumura Zumura holding hands ready to enter heaven, May Allahs mercy guide us , protect us and may Allah give us the barakah blessings of this Quran. Remember to choose your friends wisely !and ask them to join you in listening and learning the Quran !Ameen.
23 min
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