Nick Chapman: Sydney, Australia

I’m a professional broadcaster, right? And I know it is a bad idea to drink and try and read a script… I blame Nicki Chapman entirely. Despite having Australian siblings, and visiting the great country five times in my life, I’ve never lowered myself to drinking West Coast Coolers. I’ve a refined palette after all. When I say it tastes worse than 1990s alcopops I am not exaggerating. It is sticky, fizzy… like liquid love hearts. And my oh my does it go down easy.

Shaun hasn’t been to Sydney but I have many fond memories of the fresh fish, Sydney Zoo, the Manly Ferry and so it was quite tricky to find any negatives about the place. Other than how far away it is and all manner of slithering and skittering creatures that can kill you. Will Shaun brave the flight? The city is after all at his favourite latitude.

Find out by listening to Your Place Or Mine on Radio 4 at 10am or anytime you please on BBC SOUNDS.

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