Dennis Lynch - Delivering Alpha in Adapting Markets - [Invest Like the Best, EP. 228]
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My guest today is Dennis Lynch, Head of Counterpoint Global, where he oversees over $100bn in AUM and boasts one of the strongest track records of any public investor. In our conversation, we cover Dennis's unique approach to building a research team, how misclassification of companies often creates the highest upside opportunities, and how Dennis has adapted his investment process over the past 20 years. I think Dennis defines what it means to be intellectually honest, and you will hear that in his answers throughout our discussion. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dennis Lynch.


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Show Notes

[00:03:47] - [First question] - How he would teach potential students to be investors

[00:04:26] - The Money Game

[00:04:40] - Moneyball

[00:05:59] - Pros and cons of volatility when investing

[00:08:55] - Emotional response to volatility

[00:12:44] - Training to have a better temperament

[00:14:20] - What is his investing game

[00:15:17] - The Ethical Algorithm

[00:16:44] - How time horizon impacts their investment strategy

[00:20:53] - Assessing a company’s earnings power

[00:26:12] - Shifting business models vs. evolving within a business model

[00:32:32] - Understanding how to invest in disruptive businesses

[00:35:26] - Why he’s skeptical on Growth and Value investing strategies

[00:38:42] - Expectations Investing

[00:38:55] - How his view of assessing businesses has changed

[00:43:56] - Defining unit economics

[00:45:41] - Taking on uncertainty risk in the portfolio 

[00:50:38] - The business that taught him the most; Amazon

[00:53:32] - Dealing with massive amounts of change

[00:56:01] - The Big Short

[00:59:46] - Interest in psychedelic research

[01:01:02] - What has changed the most in investing from when he started

[01:04:19] - Kindest thing anyone has done for him

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