Mitch Lasky - The Business of Gaming - [Invest Like the Best, EP.293]
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My guest today is Mitch Lasky. Mitch is a partner at Benchmark and one of the leading figures in the video game industry. Over the last 30 years, he has built, led, and invested in a number of the best gaming companies in the world, including Activision, EA, Riot, Snapchat, and Discord. I couldn’t think of a better person to break down the anatomy of great gaming businesses and Mitch does not disappoint. His insights are remarkable. Please enjoy this excellent conversation with Mitch Lasky.


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Show Notes

[00:02:31] - [First question] - Why there aren’t more famous gaming investors

[00:05:08] - The most important features of the modern gaming business model

[00:07:11] - Developing his aesthetic taste and investing decision skill

[00:08:03] - What makes a game fun 

[00:09:26] - How delivering a pleasurable active user experience differs from passive content and media

[00:11:09] - The developers of Doom being the first real modern video game company

[00:13:09] - Half-Life’s important role in the development of the gaming industry

[00:17:54] - How some of the big game aggregators get started in the first place

[00:19:58] - What Riot can teach non-gaming businesses about business writ large

[00:21:10] - Ways that the change from physical games to downloads changed monetization

[00:31:47] - The impact of Apple’s privacy changes on gaming revenue

[00:34:11] - How the access to professional game engines and a lower friction environment will change the industry

[00:37:04] - Whether or not there is a step beyond mobile

[00:39:42] - Ways platforms like Twitch and Discord have influenced gaming

[00:42:26] - What he’s learned about games that allow them to seemingly exist forever

[00:45:17] - Signs of a healthy gaming community

[00:46:21] - The role of celebrities and influencers and generating retained audiences

[00:47:45] - Whether or not crypto will unlock new opportunities for in-game monetization 

[00:52:50] - Key categories of motivators that could replace a ponzi-style in-game inflation 

[00:54:36] - Contrasting League of Legends versus a Ready Player One style world

[00:58:22] - Emerging technologies and trends that may revolutionize the industry 

[01:02:41] - The most genius game pattern he’s ever played

[01:04:44] - What attributes will define the great game investors in the coming decades

[01:06:59] - How much his experience lends itself to investing in other sectors

[01:11:07] - The kindest thing anyone has ever done for him

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