Episode 186- Psycho Strats
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NEWS: Steam has more monthly users than Xbox and Playstation- 1:12 Switch took 87% of Japan's console market last year- 2:10 Outriders has some impressively low PC requirements- 3:39 Fight Game Code of Conduct debuted- 5:51 Jason Schreier Cyberpunk 2077 report and response- 21:18 Take Two patents some new AI technology- 41:32 Tomonobu Itagaki of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive fame makes a new studio- 44:47 Legendary Nintendo designer Takaya Imamura retires- 53:16 European Commission fines Valve and other publishers over geo-tagged product keys- 53:43 BulletVille devs allege that Apex Legends' Fuse is a rip off of one of their characters- 59:23 TOPICS: Tekken 7- 1:03:11 Ace Attorney Trilogy- 1:09:43 Old School Runescape- 1:15:23 Robotics;Notes- 1:23:55

This Week In Videogames
This Week In Videogames
Skill Up
Nintendo Direct, Diablo II Resurrected and Starfield
Nintendo had a Direct (sort of...), Blizzard had a BlizzCon (sort of...) and a whole bunch of other stuff happened, too. Welcome to This Week In Videogames.  -- Skill Up Gaming Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/skillupgaming/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkillUpYT?lang=en (@skillupyt) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skillupyt/?hl=en Join us on the community Discord:  https://discord.gg/Q728ewv -- Edited by Austin @ausomehd -- Sources: Nintendo Direct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVHbzcr1-D8&ab_channel=Nintendo Blizzcon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyApQc-ZmSA&ab_channel=BlizzardEntertainment Stadia oof: https://kotaku.com/stadia-leadership-praised-development-studios-for-great-1846281384 Stadia Lawsuit: https://www.androidpolice.com/2021/02/20/google-faces-possible-class-action-over-stadias-4k-claims/ Dualsense Drift: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/dualsense-teardown-shows-drifting-issues-should-have-been-expected/1100-6487863/?ftag=CAD-01-10abi2f/ EA Patent: https://gamerant.com/ea-instant-boot-patent/  EA Codemasters 1.2bn: https://www.ea.com/news/welcome-codemasters  Valheim 3 million: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/892970/view/3059603718053006418 https://www.windowscentral.com/valheims-dev-team-expand-following-games-explosive-success Bungie Expansion: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210218005230/en/Bungie-Prepares-for-Future-Growth-in-2021-with-Studio-Expansion-Key-Talent-Investments-and-New-Board-Members Starfield: https://wccftech.com/starfield-release-2021-goal/ Blizzard Arcade: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/lovo2z/you_can_get_all_games_from_the_blizzard_arcade/
16 min
Remember The Game? Retro Gaming Podcast
Remember The Game? Retro Gaming Podcast
Adam Blank
Remember The Game? #137 - Final Fantasy VIII
It's finally time to sit down and talk about Final Fantasy VIII. Unquestionably, the most divisive game in the history of this stupid podcast. A vocal majority of you hate this game, and an even more vocal minority defend it like their lives depend on it. I had never played it, but then it won our Patreon poll, and I put a good 40 hours into seeing what all the hubbub is about.   And I have a LOT to say.    My pal Andre is one of those Final Fantasy VIII defenders, and he gave me a call last week to chat about Squall and friends. And chat we did. The 'game talk' portion of this week's show clocked in around ninety minutes, and we went over all the stuff we liked, and all the stuff we hated about this game. And trust me, there's plenty of both.   And of course, before we talk Final Fantasy, it's the Remember The Game Infamous Intro!    This week, I get into stuff like whether someone should buy a Switch now, or wait for a potential 'Pro' iteration. I pick my four character dream team of Final Fantasy characters, and decide which Final Fantasy villain they'll go up against. Why the hell has Nintendo not brought back the NES Remix series?? And more!   Plus, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One'. This time, it's the PSOne Final Fantasy' edition, featuring Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy IX!   If you want to skip to something specific, here's where to go:   0:00 - Intro    2:15 - Initial self-indulgent rambling & 'Expansion Pass #47: Best/Worst Controllers' Clip   9:05 - 'Blowing In The Cartridge' (Listener comments & questions)   25:10 - 'Play One. Remake One. Erase One.'   36:10 - What have I been playing?   38:10 - Listener's 'Final Fantasy VIII' Memories   42:05 + Final Fantasy Talk!   Enjoy the podcast!
2 hr 19 min
ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast
ACG - The Best Gaming Podcast
Jeremy Penter
ACG'nD Always Natural 20's Roleplaying Podcast #11 QA, Solo, 2 person, Multi Person Roleplaying and Using Generators to Help Gamers
ACG'nD Always Natural 20's Roleplaying Podcast #11 QA, Solo, 2 people, Multi Person Roleplaying and Using Generators to Help Gamers ACG'nD Always Natural 20's Roleplaying Podcast #10 QA, Making Worlds, Making Words, and Making Waves amazon affiliate link https://amzn.to/2XFyk7V #acg #acgnd ACG Creator Code KARAK-ACG ACG Teespring https://teespring.com/stores/acg ACG Audio On Itunes https://rebrand.ly/0ca2f ACG Spotify https://rebrand.ly/best-gaming-26483 ACG'nD Always Natural 20's Roleplaying Podcast #7 4 Amazing Worlds, 2 Problems with Initiative and Roleplaying community toxicity. LINKS Character sheet https://rebrand.ly/acgdnd1 Joshua https://rebrand.ly/acgdndsample #acgnd #roleplaying #ttg Welcome to the 3rd ACG'nD Always Natural 20's Roleplaying Podcast  Roleplaying Terms That Need to Die, Alignment Systems and Listeners Questions The link to the Idioms basic page. This is not color-coded nor does each idiom have a scale from 1-5 in strength. That would be up to you. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OA5plJ-C28mYl6UD398Fehvt_R2KvwlVN99qYA9Yhoc/edit#gid=640132234 A link to the Werewolf Character sheet. We will be dealing with the top 3 Columbus for attributes https://www.templateroller.com/template/257458/werewolf-the-apocalypse-character-sheet.html Notes: Many people create characters by rolling scores then seeing those scores try to create something usable. I will discuss using idioms that are number in accordance to how powerful they sound to not only get the stats you need but also offer a TON of roleplaying and story potential for newcomers and experienced gamers alike. Sit down with Karak, a veteran of 25+ years of roleplaying, more than 200 team wipes, and creator of the only puzzle that caused actual damage to a real player, and let's dive into roleplaying,  rollplaying, and introducing you and others to pen and paper. Spread the word #ACG'nD Sponsorships: on for this episode --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/acg/support
46 min
What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast
What's Good Games: A Video Game Podcast
What's Good Games
Nintendo Direct Reactions - Ep. 222
Visit http://expressvpn.com/whatsgoodgames for an extra 3 months free. Visit http://audible.com/whatsgood or text whatsgood to 500-50 for a free 30-day trial. Visit http://logitechg.com and use code WHATSGOODGAMESFREESHIP219 for free express shipping, but hurry — this promo code expires in 3 days!  This week we've got 3 amazing guests: returning to the show is G4's Riana Manuel and Spawn on Me's Kahlief Adams while we welcome Gamertag Radio's Parris Lilly for his first appearance to chat about the first Nintendo Direct of 2021 including Smash, Zelda, Splatoon, and more. Then we enter the "Xbox Power Hour" and discuss all the Microsoft news before heading into hands-on. Riana is loving Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies, Parris is "hate playing" Halo 5, Kahlief & Andrea tried out Amazon Luna, and Britt clawed her way around Bowser's Fury and Super Mario 3D World. Lastly, in honor of Black History Month, the panel discusses what the celebration means to them, the challenges of being a black content creator online, and the importance of education and activism with their platforms...and yes, the oatmeal raisin cookie debate rages on.  Follow Riana Manuel on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rianatweetsnow Watch Riana stream on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/rianatwitchesnow Follow Kahlief Adams on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kahjahkins Watch Spawn on Me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/spawnonme Follow Parris Lilly on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vicious696 Watch Parris on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/marcello696 Thank you to our Patreon Producers: ·        Chewy’s Godson ·        FlyinCosmo ·        Justin Foshee ·        Punkdefied ·        Faris Attieh ·        Mohammed Mohammed ·        Marcus Brown ·        Alex Rigopulos Support What’s Good Games on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/whatsgoodgames Discuss the podcast on our social channels! http://www.facebook.com/whatsgoodgames http://www.twitter.com/whatsgood_games http://www.youtube.com/whatsgoodgames Join the community page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/whatsgoodgames/ Timestamps: Segment One: News 5:40 Nintendo Direct Recap 32:32 Microsoft’s accessibility program 38:23 Xbox FPS Boost feature 49:14 New Xbox wireless headset 56:07 DualSense lawsuit Segment Two: Hands-On 1:04:20 Call of Duty Zombies 1:11:46 Control: Ultimate Edition 1:13:30 Halo 5 1:22:15 Amazon Luna 1:37:41 Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury Segment Three: Let’s talk to Parris, Kahlief and Ri! 155:25 Welcome back!
2 hr 51 min
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