Elk hunting with Joel Turner Part 2 -11.32
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Title: Elk Calling That Plays on an Elk’s Instincts, pt. 2


Show Notes:

In this second part of my conversation with Joel Turner, we continue our discussion of our “What would you do?” elk series. World champion elk caller Joel Turner likes to humanize his elk calling to create scenarios that draw out the animals. Every year in the spring, I start thinking about elk like crazy.


Antelope don’t bugle. Mule deer don’t bugle. There is nothing like an elk bugling, and that’s what gets everyone excited about elk hunting.


“You’re never talking to the bull; you’re always talking to the cows”, says Joel. That’s how you can trigger the bull’s reaction. Joel has some other advice for how you can use different calls to manipulate the bull’s reactions so that you can put him in the situation that you want him to be in.


If you find a bull and you know he has some cows, but every time you go in to round up his cows, he just takes his cows and moves away, what would you do? In this scenario, the time period actually plays a part in the bull’s behavior. Joel explains the lull in breeding season, and why a bull will sometimes just stop reacting to you.


Joel’s elk hunting is very simple. The science behind elk hunting is not a variety of theories, ideas, and probable guesses. Figure out the instincts that the elk herd needs to prod them to move in the way you want, and you can easily manage their behavior. Figuring out which sound the elk are making is probably the hardest part, and even that is pretty simple.


I hope that some of you can put some of this knowledge to use this year as you’re out there hunting. Like us, share us, and leave us a review. It helps this podcast stay free and accessible for hunters.



What’s Inside:

  • As a situational hunter, Joel likes to think about putting the elk in a situation that benefits him.
  • How to figure out with certainty that a bull is with some cows.
  • Give a bull every instinctive reason to come to you.
  • 3 more common scenarios that every elk hunter will encounter at some point.



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Short Description:

Joel Turner returns for the second part of our conversation about elk hunting situations. By simplifying elk hunting down to the basics, Joel uses elk calls to move the elk into situations that he can benefit from. Playing on animal instincts has helped him become one of the best elk hunters that I know.




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