Elk Hunting and the Elk Draw with Steve Chappell
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Elk Hunting and the Elk Draw with Steve Chappell


Show Notes:

I sat down with Steve Chappell to talk all things elk hunting. Steve’s a veteran elk hunter in Arizona, and he’s got a whole lot of great info to share. The elk draw is coming up, so we basically hit everything we could about elk hunting. 


Steve has some thoughts on the elk herd in Arizona – after a concerning 2020, the elk seemed  to make a good comeback in 2021. The herd is now healthy, thanks to a mild winter and the species’ resilience. Steve explains why he thinks the herd should be just fine into early 2022. We also talk about the weight of antlers, and what the animals need to grow them. As far as antler growth goes for 2022, we’re both feeling pretty good. Arizona produces good elk, and we should see more of that this year. 


We also talk elk units. Everyone has their own experiences with each unit, but Steve highlights some of his top-tier performing units. There’s a lot of great hunting throughout the state, but not all units offer the same quality of elk. Steve provided some great info on which units are best for a few different types of hunters. 


“So many people misunderstand the draw and how it works.” As elk season approaches, Steve has some great insight into how the elk draw works and how you should approach the draw. We went back and forth about the draw, and some common mistakes people make this time of year.  Novice and experienced hunters will both benefit from hearing this info.  


What’s Inside:

  • Elk herds are looking good this year, and we explain why. 
  • Elk units aren’t created equal. We talk about some of our favorites, and least favorites.
  • Different units are better for certain types of hunters.
  • Hunters should approach the elk draw with strategy in mind.


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Short Description: Steve Chappell and I talked all things elk in Arizona. There’s a lot to talk about, with Arizona’s great elk hunting, and we hit just about everything. From the current elk population, to our favorite (and least favorite) units, before ending on some new changes to the Arizona elk draw. 


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