Kyle Hamer: How to Build A High Performance Sales And Marketing Strategy
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In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Kyle Hamer, the CEO of the Hamer Marketing Group. Kyle became a marketer through a path we often don't expect... from sales. We discuss how the sales and marketing, when coordinated and strategic, perform far better than traditional siloed organizations. Kyle provides insight into what sales people need vs. what marketing often provides - and how that's a detriment to the sales cycle. Behaviors have changed and marketing is talking at people while sales is talking to people. Kyle provides a great roadmap and advice for any organization looking to align and improve their sales and marketing performance.

Special Guest: Kyle Hamer.

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  • Hamer Marketing Group — Hamer Marketing Group serves companies all over the globe with marketing and technology services focused on creating better experiences. When the customer’s needs are met throughout their journey, a brand leaves a lasting positive impression. Focusing on the customer, the process, and using technology to stay one step ahead of the customers needs makes for unbelievable results in revenue and repeat business.
  • Summit Podcast — Explore the world of businesses with an inside look at all things sales and marketing. Together, we'll explore the world of business life through the lens of everyday people doing extraordinary things to help their business and personal life flourish. Each episode will have practical how-to sales, marketing, or business advice for immediate application into your life or business.
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