HOW DO I REINVENT MYSELF and WHAT CAN I DO TODAY?! with Michael Sandler and CJ Liu
40 min

If you’ve ever wondered where to go, how to reinvent yourself, and how in the world to end 2020, then we do have the Follow the Energy Show for you!

Today we’ll talk about finding breadcrumbs, pulling on the golden thread, and feeling where in the world to go from here. That plus, we’ll talk about smoky guidance, doubling back, Zion shifts, five elements, all night, client jazz, wings and magic, Roo Roo superstardom, 50 point turns, feeling completely and totally lost, and what in the world spring break and Sedona have to do with anything!

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The Reality Revolution Podcast
The Reality Revolution Podcast
Brian Scott
Frank Rudolph Young Using The Mind Navel For Psycho Astral Power
Psychastra (Psycho-Astral Power) is the magic key to unsurpassable secret power....They discovered it concealed in the innermost sanctums of the psychic masters of Egypt, India, Africa, and the West Indies. Here Frank Rudolph Young who we last heard about in the episode on the Khudd Ozonta talks about a unique technique of using your astral body to reduce pain and change your reality. In this we learn about the hidden connection between our physical body and how we connect to our astral body through our navel. By using these specific techniques you can abolish tension, pan and a so much more. As a personal trainer Young has a physicality unique to his writing and I have already included this techniques in two meditations. Frank Rudolph Young was a post new thought author who was a chiropractor and bodybuilder who wrote several books. Music By Mettaverse inner worlds 528hz dna repair musical mathematical matrix of creation 777hz deep relaxation awakening ➤ Listen on Soundcloud: ➤ Follow them on Instagram: ➤ Join them on Facebook: ➤ Subscribe to their channel here: All My Neville Goddard Videos In One Playlist - All my videos about Dr. Joseph Murphy - For coaching – For all episodes of the Reality Revolution – Like us on Facebook Join our facebook group The Reality Revolution Subscribe to my Youtube channel Contact us at
1 hr 21 min
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