32: Measuring UI Quality with Sara, Aaron and Patrik
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For the third and final episode focusing on UI quality, Pascal is joined by Sara, Patrik and Aaron to discuss how design reviews happen at Facebook. Instead of looking at static screenshots alongside the code, reviews now include a dynamic representation of the view hierarchy that not only allows for inspection of properties but also directly highlights violations of Facebook's design standards for accessibility and usability. Learn how all of this grew out of a tool suite originally built for the web and much more in episode 32 of Inside Facebook Mobile.


Got feedback? Send it to us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/insidefbmobile), Instagram (https://instagram.com/insidefbmobile) and don’t forget to follow our host @passy (https://twitter.com/passy). Fancy working with us? Check out http://fb.com/careers.




  • Intro 0:05
  • News: Boz To The Future 0:43
  • News: FBOSS ELI5 on YouTube 1:26
  • Interview Teaser 1:50
  • Interview Greeting 2:48
  • Sara Intro 3:10
  • Aaron Intro 4:15
  • Patrik Intro 4:43
  • UI Quality Team Mission 5:39
  • Shift Left Initiative 6:40
  • History of Quality Linting 8:08
  • Linting on Mobile 9:29
  • UIQR 15:17
  • Designer Diff Review 18:17
  • E2E Testing with Jest 25:55
  • Sapienz 27:12
  • UI Quality Scoring 29:17
  • Outro 41:16
  • Blooper 41:57
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