Insert Credit Show
Insert Credit Show
Sep 13, 2020
Ep. 150 - Patreon Question Bonanza
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In this episode, Insert Credit answers your questions. No, really this time! Opening and closing theme created by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. Golok inquires about Capcom remakes (04:55)
  2. Daniel C asks about Japanese hidden gems (07:07)
  3. Beandog asks about getting into the industry (09:12)
  4. Mox Bagel asks about changing time periods for games (11:30)
  5. An anonymous patron asks what the Quibi of video games is (13:40)
  6. Cera Sophia asks about the future of dedicated handhelds (15:47)
  7. Boogie asks about the Playdate (17:52)
  8. Kyle asks which novels are the most like playing games (19:56)
  9. Jesse asks about the current Peter Molyneux of games (22:36)
  10. An anonymous patron asks what the most painful control scheme is (24:40)
  11. Brenton Woodrow asks which five persons or teams should get resources to make a dream game (27:10)
  12. Gigaslime asks about rejecting games based on bad humor (29:22)
  13. Kiko asks which non-mainline Mario jumps best (31:46)
  14. Chris asks which games are chill enough to warrant 80-hour playtimes (33:50)
  15. An anonymous patron asks about designing Sonic in a ruined Earth (36:07)
  16. Josh J asks about improving arcade games on console (39:30)
  17. Jared P asks about “dream game mods” on many levels (42:26)
  18. Sam asks for a decision between freaking, marrying, and killing Yoko Taro, Swery and Yoshiro Mikura (44:53)
  19. David asks for a Bartleby the Scrivener game (46:53)
  20. An anonymous patron asks which game is the best palette cleanser (49:52)
  21. Shane asks about new Funko Pop lines (51:53)
  22. Anders M asks about asymmetrical multiplayer (54:10)
  23. Spencer S asks about Xbox Ones in the psych ward (56:46)
  24. Suda 69 asks about hyperspecific aesthetics in games (58:59)
  25. Anonymous asks about video game webcomic resurgences (01:01:23)
  26. Kind Of Bummed That Mappy Is A Cop asks about VR for dogs (01:03:34)
  27. Andy D asks to redesign the Tour de France series (01:05:44)
  28. Wemblin asks if The Witness was any good (01:07:45)
  29. An anonymous patron asks about recruiting new Creative Directors in AAA games (01:09:47)
  30. MVB asks what thoughts Insert Credit isn’t qualified to discuss (01:12:12)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Pokemon Design (01:15:38)

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This Week in Retro
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