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Jun 28, 2020
Ep. 139 - The Wonder Bread of People
1 hr 17 min

Play it later, Emulator. Music 'Toss A Coin To Your Witcher - METAL COVER' Cover by the band Ghost Fight featured on YouTube Channel NateWantsToBattle - Give Heart Records, 'Iron Man - 8 Bit Tribute to Black Sabbath' by 8 Bit Universe, and 'Round 1-1 Shooting Ristar' from Ristar The Shooting Star for the Sega Genesis.

Questions this week:

  1. Old Business - WB Games; Frauds (04:24)
  2. 3D Platforming since Jumping Flash (09:02)
  3. Life After Mixer (15:36)
  4. Getting Lost in a Game Map (22:29)
  5. Worst Thing to Happen To You While Playing a Game - Question by Patreon Supporter Samuel (30:20)
  6. Presenting Your Save Files to the Court (37:09)
  7. Compliments for Games That Turn You Off (43:37)
  8. Jump Around and Talk to People (49:18)


Mobile Suit Breakdown: the Gundam Anime Podcast
Mobile Suit Breakdown: the Gundam Anime Podcast
Nina & Thom
3.14: Endra Corps
Show Notes This week, we review and analyze Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (機動戦士ガンダムΖΖ) episode 16 - “Melee Aboard the Argama” (アーガマの白兵戦) - discuss our first impressions, and provide commentary and research on composer Ferdinand Beyer, the rules of war regarding "perfidy," and extramarital romantic and sexual relationships in Japan. - Wikipedia page for Ferdinand Beyer, with references linking his piece to piano-curricula in Japan. - A paper outlining an electronic support system for self-learning piano at the beginner stage. Beyer is highlighted as one of two foundational texts for beginning piano education. - Scans of historic versions of Vorschule im Klavierspiel (or Beginning Piano School / Elementary Instruction Book for the Piano) op.101 in several languages (public domain) - Wikipedia pages for the Geneva Conventions, "perfidy," "ruse de guerre" (a trick or stratagem that is not perfidy), and "false flag" operations. - Relevant articles about the "rules of war" : History of the law of war on land, June 30, 2000, International Review of the Red Cross, No. 838, by Howard S. Levie The 'Rules Of War' Are Being Broken. What Exactly Are They?, June 28, 2018, from NPR's "Goats and Soda: Stories of Life in a Changing World," by Joanne Lu The Laws of War in Ancient Greece, from Law and History Review, Volume 26, Issue 3, Fall 2008, pp. 469-489, by Adriaan Lanni “Sailing Under False Colors” An Historic Ruse De Guerre, from Coriolis: the Interdisciplinary Journal of Maritime Studies, Vol 5 No. 2 (2015), by Hank Whipple_ * Definition of Perfidy from the International Committee of the Red Cross._ - Book chapter and journal article address extramarital relationships in Japan: Dales, Laura, and Beverley Anne Yamamoto. “Romantic and Sexual Intimacy before and beyond Marriage.” Intimate Japan: Ethnographies of Closeness and Conflict, by Allison Alexy and Emma E. Cook, University of Hawaiʻi Press, 2019, pp. 104–125. (Available for free if you have a Kindle or the Kindle App) Lin, Ho Swee. “‘Playing Like Men’: The Extramarital Experiences of Women in Contemporary Japan.” Ethnos, vol. 77, no. 3, Sept. 2012, pp. 321–343., doi:10.1080/00141844.2011.613532. - Japan Today article covering 2018 survey about “cheating,” broken down by gender, age, and marital status. - Discussion of negative employment consequences of workplace affairs in Japan (and court interpretations of labor law vis a vis these affairs and company policies around them). Mobile Suit Breakdown is written, recorded, and produced within Lenapehoking, the ancestral and unceded homeland of the Lenape, or Delaware, people. Before European settlers forced them to move west, the Lenape lived in New York City, New Jersey, and portions of New York State, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut. Lenapehoking is still the homeland of the Lenape diaspora, which includes communities living in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Ontario. You can learn more about Lenapehoking, the Lenape people, and ongoing efforts to honor the relationship between the land and indigenous peoples by visiting the websites of the Delaware Tribe and the Manhattan-based Lenape Center. Listeners in the Americas and Oceania can learn more about the indigenous people of your area at We would like to thank The Lenape Center for guiding us in creating this living land acknowledgment. You can subscribe to Mobile Suit Breakdown for free! on fine Podcast services everywhere and on YouTube, visit our website, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or email your questions, comments, and complaints to Mobile Suit Breakdown wouldn't exist without the support of our fans and Patrons! You can join our Patreon to support the podcast and enjoy bonus episodes, extra out-takes, behind-the-scenes photos and video, MSB gear, and much more! The intro music is WASP by Misha Dioxin, and the outro is Long Way Home by Spinning Ratio, both licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licenses. The recap music for Season 3 is New York City (instrumental) by spinningmerkaba, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.. All music used in the podcast has been edited to fit the text. Mobile Suit Breakdown provides critical commentary and is protected by the Fair Use clause of the United States Copyright law. Gundam content is copyright and/or trademark of Sunrise Inc., Bandai, Sotsu Agency, or its original creator. Mobile Suit Breakdown is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Sunrise, Bandai, Sotsu, or any of their subsidiaries, employees, or associates and makes no claim to own Gundam or any of the copyrights or trademarks related to it. Copyrighted content used in Mobile Suit Breakdown is used in accordance with the Fair Use clause of the United States Copyright law. Any queries should be directed to Find out more at
1 hr 9 min
Dev Game Club
Dev Game Club
Brett Douville and Tim Longo
DGC Ep 238: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (part three)
Welcome to Dev Game Club, where this week we continue our series on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We look at some of the snags around the Zora domain as well as its main dungeon, chat about mechanic literalization, and then Tim explodes a Lore Bomb. Dev Game Club looks at classic video games and plays through them over several episodes, providing commentary. Sections played: Until becoming the Hero of Time Issues covered: the undercurrent of masculine tropiness, the canonical relationship between Ruta and Link, not loving the Zora section, ignoring the critical path minigame, solving a puzzle in different ways, running around for an hour because of presentation, experience with the series hampering you, the usability problem presented by longevity, Tim connects the dots for Brett, not wanting to enter the Lost Woods, looking for another way to get a fish, not having the Rumble Pack, showcasing the rumble add-on, an elaborate fishing mini-game, the Game Cast 'Cast, whether or not the message in the bottle is misplaced, resolution changes between N64 and GameCube versions, bottles on the critical path, being misleading, the multiple uses for bottles, telling a parent when you're asked not to, getting sucked into the giant fish, watching the king scooch over, circuitous routes to map locations, difficulty with cause and effect and timing, lack of clarity with affordances, not knowing the distance you can throw Ruta, introducing a new element, another level inside a body, the ability to do organic stuff in textures, the mini-boss room, an unnecessary difficulty spike, the easier multi-stage boss with tentacles, failing mini-games and not wanting to repeat them, literalizing mechanics, upgrading without experience points, korok seeds in Breath of the Wild as a similar literalized mechanic, using the primary verbs to collect, the cutscene with Zelda and Sheik and Ganondorf, getting the Ocarina of Time, the Lore Bomb about the origin story of Ganon, overexplaining the lore, supporting differently abled gamers, bringing Zelda mechanics into musou games. Games, people, and influences mentioned or discussed: Big, Dark Souls, GameCube/Wii, Chris Hecker, World of Warcraft, Nintendo 64, Tomb Raider, System Shock 2, Thief, Pinocchio, Kingdom Hearts, Breath of the Wild, Far Cry 2, Assassin's Creed (series), Homer, Star Wars, future_Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs (obliquely), Death Stranding, Metal Gear Solid (series), Johnny Pockets, Left 4 Dead 2, Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Age of Calamity, irreverentQ/Nolan Filter, Dynasty Warriors, Kirk Hamilton, Aaron Evers. Next time: Next two dungeons! Links: Blind Gamer Beats Ocarina of Time Interview with that Gamer Another Blind Gamer who Beat OoT Twitch: brettdouville, instagram:timlongojr, Twitter: @timlongojr and @devgameclub
1 hr 28 min
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