Inclusive Designers Podcast
Inclusive Designers Podcast
In the relatively new and constantly evolving field of designing for human health, there is a need for access to the most current information and resources. This Podcast provides a forum for Inclusive Designers to exchange ideas, discuss design considerations, and share solutions for the challenges they face in creating healthy environments for people living with certain human conditions.  Fact: 1-in-4 Americans have some sort of “disability” … these can include issues associated with Aging; Alzheimers; Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD); Autism; brain injuries; cognitive disabilities; paraplegia; PTSD; and visual acuity, to name just a few.  This series looks at the biological aspects of both home and office environments to discover ways to make them healthier using methods such as movement, biophilia, sound, and lighting. It tackles topics such as universal design; health and design for the homeless; and city living. In addition, it addresses matters of environmental overall health, such as the dangers of furniture off gassing; resins; and electric magnetic fields (EMFs).  The aim of this podcast is to fill the gap among designers who create environments for health and well-being, and to establish a collaborative forum for discussing these ideas. And when appropriate, some episodes may even include a little fun.
Inclusive Designers Podcast
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