Strategizing Your Youth & Aiming for Massive Goals w/ Steven Borrelli | IKONICK Blank Canvas #22
1 hr 4 min

Today’s episode is meant to inspire you to reconsider how big your goals are. Starting from selling apples & being a former baseball umpire, Steven Borelli walks us through his journey of building Cuts Clothing. We get right into his vision to turn his brand into a One Billion Dollar brand known for the most comfortable shirt in the world. We go deep into starting a clothing brand from his basement, the importance of doing what’s right by the customer, strategizing your 20s for success, and why he picked “Cards Your Dealt” as his favorite IKONICK piece.

Pursuing Health
Pursuing Health
Julie Foucher-Urcuyo MD, MS + Dani Urcuyo, MD
Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training for Brain Optimization PH171
“When we think about exercise in general as sort of a hermetic stressor, it just makes sense to think about, if you’re going to do it at a higher intensity and have these repeated hormetic stressors, you’re going to get an overall greater response. It’s a lot of the same mechanisms that we see for exercise causing a lot of great brain health and cognitive benefits, but we’re just seeing it to a greater degree.”- Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, MD In this special edition of Pursuing Health Pearls, I'm joining Dr. Matt Dawson and Dr. Mike Mallin at the Wild Health Brain Optimization Summit for an interview-style discussion focused on how high intensity interval training (HIIT) can optimize brain health. The Brain Optimization Summit featured doctors, scientists, biohackers, and nootropics professionals discussing lifestyle habits and methods to improve mental performance, memory formation, concentration, and professional creativity. This was a really fun conference, and they’re planning to hold another similar conference on athletic optimization which I plan to participate in, so stay tuned. I’m also excited to share more with you about Matt and Mike when I interview them in next week's episode so stay tuned for that as well! In this episode we discuss: * The definition of high intensity interval training (HIIT) * How HIIT relates to brain health and why it's advocated to improve brain health * How HIIT can reduce risk of stroke and improve stroke recovery rates * The amount of HIIT required to receive health benefits * The mechanism behind getting brain health benefits from HIIT * High intensity exercise versus moderate intensity exercise * The impact of HIIT on dementia, depression, Parkinson's, and ADHD * How to minimize the risks of HIIT * How to safely introduce it to a sedentary individual * How much HIIT is too much? * The target heart rate for a sedentary ramp up * How to cycle HIIT into your weekly routine * Quick workout recommendations * Supplements to help with joint health * Thoughts on fasted HIIT * A Burpee Challenge! 5 rounds of:1 minute of burpees, 1 minute of rest You can follow Wild Health on their website, podcast, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Links: * The feasibility of an acute high-intensity exercise bout to promote locomotor learning after stroke * Multimodal Therapy Involving High-Intensity Interval Training Improves the Physical Fitness, Motor Skills, Social Behavior, and Quality of Life of Boys With ADHD: A Randomized Controlled Study Related episodes: Ep 78 - Lifestyle and Brain Health with Dr. David Perlmutter Ep 159 - Pursuing Health Pearls: Exercise and Why It's So Good For Us If you like this episode, please subscribe to Pursuing Health on iTunes and give it a rating. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below and on social media using the hashtag #PursuingHealth. I look forward to bringing you future episodes with inspiring individuals and ideas about health every other Tuesday. Disclaimer: This podcast is for general information only, and does not provide medical advice. We recommend that you seek assistance from your personal physician for any health conditions or concerns. This post was originally published on November 23, 2020.
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The Boom Boom Performance Podcast
The Boom Boom Performance Podcast
Cody 'Boom Boom' McBroom
Ep. 523 - Q&A: Timing Your Cut, Measuring A Reverse Diets Effectiveness, and More...
Head over to enter code boom boom at checkout to save 20%, start earning loyalty points, and supplementing with the top supplement company on the market. Check out and enter code BOOM20 to save 20% on your meals (always fresh, never frozen - delivered right to your door). Apply for our World Renowned Coaching Program, RIGHT HERE. Join The Tailored Trainer (TCM's Membership Site) to gain full access to daily programming and a private coaching forum for guidance. Learn more at: OR download some free sample programs at: Remember to join our private FB community, RIGHT HERE. ASK BOOM-BOOM YOUR QUESTION HERE ---- Timestamps: 4:55 - Black Friday Sale 9:00 - Discussing next charity shirt 15:25 - Who’s your favorite person to learn from in business? 24:45 - I've been going hard for over a year; my "rest" days are going for a run, usually 10-15km. I hit 10000k steps nearly every day, and weight train 6-7x week. No injuries because I train hard, but also smart. I use full ROM, and also see improvements week to week, like load PRs, or more reps. Progression isn't foreign to me, however my volume per session and weekly training volume is very high when I compare it to RP's strength MRVs and volume landmarks. Typically my session will include 4-5 supersets, each 3-5 sets, with reps from 5-15. I feel so burnt out, but at this level I'm not sure how to even find a MEV, or MV. All the templates I read say to experiment on your own meso, however mine has been so high for so long, I'm scared to take volume that low. Do you think a desensitization phase would help? How do you handle anxiety from not being able to exercise? 35:05 - How to know when is the right time to start a cut (different per person) but minimum intake? 41:05 - How do you measure if a reverse diet is going appropriately? Do you have any specific ranges or percentages you consider acceptable? 45:00 - Full disclosure I work out a lot. Rest is hard for me. I’m lifting 4 days, doing an hour of LISS (walks) 2 days, a higher intensity random like interval type workout one day. I average 18,000 steps a day. I get like 6 hours of sleep, work full time as a lawyer mostly from home, have 2 kids (6 & 4) that are in school 4 days a week, my husband works nights so I am solo for all dinner/bedtime stuff every night. It's a lot. I have been tracking at maintenance for about a year and have been in a really good spot mentally/physically until the last 3-4 months or so. By anyone else’s estimate I probably look the same as I did when I felt my best but I can see and feel some changes. I have some dysmorphia issues. But for real, I’ve put on about 5-6 lbs, measurements have been up slightly. I can’t seem to get back on track. I think I’m burnt out & don’t know what I should do to sort of get myself motivated and back into it. Any advice? 52:17 - Most effective way to do client check ins. Video call? Email? How do you check over their food choices throughout the week? 56:05 - If someone spends roughly a year bulking, generally speaking, how long would a cut last? ----- Apply For Coaching: Get Your Free Copy of The Nutrition Hierarchy, HERE Learn How We Coach: Read This Case Study Article Top 4 Episodes: - Nutritional Periodization - Nutrition FAQ - Training FAQ - My Story ---- You can get access to ALL of our content in one place, now: Check out all of our e-books by visiting Tailored Coaching Method Coaching Info: ---- Social Links: Blog – Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Email – As Featured on: Huffington Post,, The PTDC, Dr. John Rusin, Muscle For Life, HLHL, iN3, OPEX Fitness and More…
1 hr 3 min
Barbell Shrugged
Barbell Shrugged
Barbell Shrugged
Cholesterol, Multi-Vitamins, Vitamin D, and Hidden Health Secrets In Bloodwork w/ Ashley Reaver, Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Travis Mash - Barbell Shrugged #525
Inside Tracker: to be the first to hear about InsideTracker’s BEST DEAL of the year Inside Tracker is a team of passionate, creative people who are using extreme personalization to make the world a healthier place. Founded in 2009 by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data, from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, science is the backbone of InsideTracker. We believe the most impactful science and technology products result from constant learning. And so, we always are. The algorithm that drives the InsideTracker platform is continuously refined, drawing on cutting-edge research and technological advances. It’s smart and ever-evolving, just like your body is. But we’re more than machines. We build and grow our products using both innovative technology and the human brain power of our accomplished scientific team. In this Episode of Barbell Shrugged: * Why bloodwork is the key to customization * How much vitamin D and sunshine do you need daily. * Why you do not need a multivitamin * Why performance and wellness are not the same thing * Why cholesterol is so so misunderstood Anders Varner on Instagram Doug Larson on Instagram Coach Travis Mash on Instagram ———————————————— Training Programs to Build Muscle: Nutrition Programs to Lose Fat and Build Muscle: Nutrition and Training Bundles to Save 67%: Please Support Our Sponsors PowerDot - Save 20% using code BBS at Inside Tracker: to be the first to hear about InsideTracker’s BEST DEAL of the year Fittogether - Fitness ONLY Social Media App Organifi - Save 20% using code: “Shrugged” at - for FREE bottle of BiOptimizers Masszymes Garage Gym Equipment and Accessories: Save 5% using the coupon code “Shrugged”
1 hr 6 min
The [P]Rehab Audio Experience
The [P]Rehab Audio Experience
#74 | To Become A Pro, Do You Have To Specialize Early In A Sport?
In this episode, Dillon and Dr. McElheny aka Dr. Kat, discuss early sports specialization vs long term athletic development models for youth athletes! Which model leads to greater likelihood of becoming an elite athlete? What are the risks/benefits of specializing early?   Dr. Kathryn McElheny is an Assistant Attending Physician at HSS. She is fellowship-trained and board certified in sports medicine and is the Non-operative Medical Director and Associate Team Physician for the New York Mets baseball team.   Her research focus has been on the use of strengthening in the prevention of overuse injuries experienced by novice marathon runners. She is also currently working on several studies evaluating injury incidence and prevention in professional and youth baseball players.   Dr. McElheny is committed to caring for athletes of all ages, levels and disciplines. In the context of her training and board certification in pediatrics, she is especially dedicated to managing injuries experienced by young athletes. In addition, she was a collegiate runner and is an avid baseball fan with a particular passion for treating runners and baseball athletes.   Enjoy!   -Team [P]Rehab   Learn More About Dr. Kathryn D. McElheny   Read Article: "Youth Athlete Sport Specialization – Train Like The Pros"   Link to Learn About [P]Rehab Programs   Link To Submit Questions/Topics   Visit our website: Follow us on: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter   Connect with Team [P]Rehab     [P]Rehabbers thank you for listening and let us know what to talk about next. We hope to help you take control of your health through education! Did you enjoy this? Please rate, review, share, and subscribe. Every bit of feedback, comments, subscriptions, and sharing helps!!!
34 min
The Consistency Project
The Consistency Project
EC Synkowski
on Nutrition During the Holidays
How do we get through the holiday season nutritionally intact? That's the conundrum we're talking about today, discussing how prevalent weight gain is during this time of year and some time-tested strategies we can lean on. * Jump on the new #800gChallenge® here * Find us on Social: EC | PatrickAbout the Show The Consistency Project aims to simplify nutrition, health, and well-being by breaking down the concepts and actions we can all take to live fuller, more functional lives.Join Us! Want to take your consistency to the next level? Join us on the leaderboard!About EC EC Synkowski is a CrossFit Level 4 Coach, and has earned an M.S. in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She's the founder of OptimizeMe Nutrition and the creator of the #800gChallenge®.About Patrick The Consistency Project is produced and co-hosted by Patrick Cummings, a long-time CrossFitter, podcaster, and brand coach to gym owners & entrepreneurs. _Disclaimer_ _The information is being provided to you for educational and informational purposes only. It is to educate you about general nutrition practices and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by a medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment. __Click for full disclaimer._
25 min
Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia: Fitness | Nutrition | Lifestyle | Strength Training | Self Help | Motivation
Renegade Radio with Jay Ferruggia: Fitness | Nutrition | Lifestyle | Strength Training | Self Help | Motivation
Jason Ferruggia
#358: How to Defend Yourself Against Disease with Dr. Michael Lewis
Dr. Michael Lewis is an expert on nutritional interventions for brain health. He is also a huge proponent of using proper nutrition for optimizing your gut health, building your immune system and safeguarding yourself from disease. Dr. Lewis shares simple and effective tips for boosting your immunity, discusses the mistakes that have been made during the pandemic and details a more effective approach going forward, and teaches you much more that will help keep you healthy and strong! Listen as we discuss: * Dr. Lewis’ background. [4:17] * Why “exercising” your immune system is the key to remaining healthy. [8:31] * Why good nutrition and exercise keep your immune system healthy. [9:46] * Avoid this if you don’t want to wreck your gut health. [12:40] * A simple way to ensure you’re buying healthy food at the grocery store. [15:32] * The ONLY diet ever scientifically proven to enhance cognition. [18:59] * Does he recommend limiting carbs? [20:11] * Does meal timing and intermittent fasting improve gut health and immunity? [21:10] * Supplements that help strengthen your immune system. [22:39] * Is high stress as harmful to your brain as chemotherapy? [31:03] * The BEST way to prevent contracting the virus (that no one in mainstream media is talking about.) [34:12] * Is what America is doing to stop the spread of the virus the exact opposite of what we should be doing? [36:10] * Why strength training becomes even more important as you age. [45:49] * Effective tips for stress management and better sleep. [47:52] This episode is brought to you by biOptimizers. Magnesium Breakthrough is the most potent, complete, first full spectrum magnesium formula ever created. If you want to beat stress, get fit, sleep better and recover faster you need full spectrum magnesium to complete your healthy lifestyle. They are running a special for Black Friday and Cyber Monday until Monday 11/30/20 that includes free shipping, up to 40% off select products, free bottles of MassZymes and P3OM and more! Go to and use the coupon code JAY10 to get yours while supplies last! This episode is also brought to you by Cured Nutrition. Cured Rise is a caffeine-free daytime CBD nootropic supplement. Infused with 9mg of Broad Spectrum CBD extract, it encourages sustained wakefulness and focus and promotes stress resilience. Cured Zen is a CBD sleep supplement that encourages relaxation, helps you ease away the stress of the day with all-natural ingredients and improves sleep quality. Click HERE to get yours today and use the coupon code, “Renegade” for a 15% discount. This episode is also brought to you by Trifecta Nutrition. Make sticking to your nutrition plan simpler with organic, ready to eat and macro balanced meals shipped safely to your door! Go to and use the code ‘RENEGADE’ to save 30% off your first order!
1 hr 2 min
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