Growth Marketing & Gambling with Rohan Kale
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I hope you and your close ones are safe in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, take care - and don’t hesitate reaching out, whether you have any questions about your brand and marketing communication strategy, or if you want to chat about anything.

We have a guest joining me for this new podcast episode. Rohan Kale reached out, he is a Growth Marketing Consultant, who owns and manages a business developing animation videos, particularly dedicated to demonstration and marketing purposes, and also works on generating leads for clients via LinkedIn. 

Rohan was born in India, then studied his MBA and launched his business in Germany, at the time of recording he was in Pune, India. He regularly contributes to projects like Thrive Global, The Good Men Project, and X-Factor Presentations. He has a pretty interesting story to share, and in particular, Rohan has dealt with gambling difficulties in the past - and this is an area, sort of an oftentimes dark side of play and gaming that I hadn’t discussed in any way on the show, so I thought it would be worth having a chat with Rohan about it. Before we go ahead, just a couple of warnings: 

  • I did my best but didn’t manage to remove all mic related noises, there are a few left - hopefully not too annoying, but sorry in advance
  • This episode is explicit, there are a few swearwords - so please be warned if ever you have little ones around while listening.

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