WOMEN OF HISTORY: Boudica (30 - 61 AD)
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Today I’m excited to be highlighting Boudica, a Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe, who led one of the most destructive and deadly revolts against the Roman Empire almost 2000 years ago. 


After her husband, the king, passed away, he left his kingdom to her and their two daughters in his will. But in the absence of a male heir, the Roman Empire ignored his will altogether and invaded and pillaged the Iceni tribe’s kingdom. To make matters even worse and even more personal, the Roman soldiers raped Boudica’s two daughters right in front of her.


Boudica was not about to let that fly. She vowed revenge and led a large army in revolt through the Roman Empire’s major cities, where they housed government and trade. They killed and destroyed several major cities, burning them to the ground, before they were finally defeated. 


To avoid an even worse fate, Boudica and her daughters poisoned themselves when their armies were defeated. But even though they weren’t successful in permanently destroying Rome’s power, they made an unbelievable impact and left a permanent scar on the Roman Empire. 


Boudica is a feminist role model representing standing up against oppression and authoritarian rule. She inspired and led others to follow her and to rise up for independence and the right to life. And, she teaches us that there is no such thing as failure. When you give it your best effort, you can make a tremendous impact.



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