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Podcast: What’s the Latest with Neural MT?
Jul 31, 2019
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In this episode of Globally Speaking, hosts, Renato Beninatto and Michael Stevens speak with John Tinsley, the CEO and co-founder of Iconic Translation Machines. Join in as John explains how fast-paced NMT is progressing, what the new research is focusing on, as well as the challenges and breakthroughs with unsupervised machine learning.


About Globally Speaking

Globally Speaking Radio isn’t just about how we as language professionals can improve our skills. It’s also about building awareness of how important translation and localization services are in helping global brands succeed in foreign markets—no matter where their business takes them. Globally Speaking is an independent podcast that does not necessarily represent the views of Nimdzi Insights or any other sponsors.

Host: Renato Beninatto

Renato is the co-founder and CEO of Nimdzi Insights, one of the language industry’s leading analyst and consulting firms. He has over 28 years of executive-level experience in the localization industry. He has served on executive teams for some of the industry’s most prominent companies, and he co-founded the industry’s first research analyst firm. A dynamic speaker and communicator, Renato is a highly regarded thought leader in the language industry, and is known for creating innovative strategies that drive growth on a global scale. He has also served on the advisory board for Translators Without Borders.

Host: Michael Stevens

Michael has 10 years of experience in the localization and IT industries. He is the Growth Director for Moravia, where his primary role is to assist companies who are inspired to create global software that changes the world. A well-networked entrepreneur, Michael’s main interest is in connecting and bringing people together. He not only enjoys learning about a company’s exciting ideas and developments, he also has a keen ability to add value—and fire—to new and innovative thinking.

Guest: John Tinsley

John Tinsley, CEO and co-founder of Iconic Translation Machines is truly working at the cutting-edge of language technology. John and his team build Neural Machine Translation (NMT) solutions for enterprise users, e-discovery, and intellectual property. With the rapid advancement of NMT in recent years, Iconic Translation Machines now works with (and applies) NMT across a wide variety of industries and use cases, including IT, pharma, automotive, and multilingual customer support, just to name a few.

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