I Make a Difference
I Make a Difference
The I Make a Difference podcast is an adventure that explores the journey you experience as your human self and the pathway back to your true self. A journey involving a disconnection from who you truly are, being conditioned in your thinking, behaviors, and processing, being emotionally impacted and controlled by your reactions, and the experience of a past that can be complex and multilayered in its hold on you. As well as diving into and strengthening your connection with all the powerful elements of your true self as you find your way back to the real you. If you truly want to make a difference to yourself, it requires you to do the work to uncover and reconnect to the true you, for you to develop your awareness, ability to recognize what you are experiencing, face your truth, understand your processing, and to know how to work with all aspects of who you are not and who you are, so you can come back to you. The I Make a Difference Podcast is here to support you to achieve this. Subscribe, review and rate The I Make a Difference podcast if what is shared is helping you make a difference to you.
I Make a Difference
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