Chris Parker - What To Do With 9 Million Visitors Per Month
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This was a super fun episode with Chris Parker where we covered a lot of things that we haven’t before. Chris is a unique marketer in that he has more traffic than he knows what to do with, and we love the fact that he's built this system to give back to the world. He’s the founder of, a tech-friendly website attracting a remarkable 9 million IP-seeking visits a month. We discuss the benefit of banner ads and using an aggregator, and the breakdown of how his site brings in revenue, plus the promotion of his in-house tools which you can find on his site. 

Chris also talks about how he uses HARO to get interviews for his podcast, Easy Prey Podcast, and his recommendations on how to make your media page stand out to visitors, so perhaps even you will get on television as he did. Motivated by stories of cybercrime victims, in 2020 Chris created his podcast to help followers learn about scams, fraud, and other dangers they face online and in the real world. When your stuff is compromised things can go south fast, and you’ll hear Chris’s take on creating online log-ins, two-factor authorizations, and all the aggravation you want to avoid if you have to contact a website if you lose your information. 

If you want to dive deeper into the quiz funnel idea that Chris discussed on the show, be sure to check out our show with Ryan Levesque, and if you want to dive deeper into Google ads, you’ll love our show with Justin Brooke.  

I have the opposite problem that every affiliate marketer has. I have so much traffic, I don’t know what to do with it all.” - Chris Parker


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The revolution of deep fakes in the world of scammers
  • What to be aware of as business owners, so you don’t get scammed
  • Dealing with bottlenecks in the business, before you get too successful
  • Should you use header bidding in your advertising?
  • Which are the best ad networks to worth with, especially when you are just starting out
  • Why you want a media page and what to include so it gets you more contacts
  • Using VPN networks - whether you should or not and which ones to use
  • An easy solution to get around the possibility of a ransomware attack
  • The three red flags you should know behind most email scams
  • Examples of people who have been scammed and how to make sure you are not next


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