Jordan Mederich - Level Up Your Online Funnels With This New Technology
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On today’s show we nerd out on a tool we have been using lately in a small way, but there’s a lot of potential with it for so many reasons. This episode is not just about the tool though, it’s all about the opportunities around you, how to do well as an affiliate, and other awesome concepts you will learn from Jordan Mederich, the man behind DropFunnels, one of the fastest-growing marketing tools on the market today. You’ll hear how he’s doing things differently and has carved his own way of solving a solution that no one else has done. 

As most of you know, Matt is the go-to guy when it comes to tools, and has tested so many over the years, so when he heard about DropFunnels he set it up on his own site, As far as page builders, it’s been the easiest for dialing in the look you want, from any of the other ones so far. Besides talking about the tool’s features, we talk about affiliate marketing, trends in business, how to scale and do it in an effective way. After the show, make sure to listen to our previous episodes with Taylor Welch and Ryan Levesque, which will give you even more insight on mindset, and how to use funnels to grow your business and use entry-level products in your funnel to drive higher ticket sales.

I realized that anyone selling anything, it doesn’t matter if it’s your product or if it’s an affiliate product, often affiliates sell it better than the person itself.” - Jordan Mederich

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Shooting green screen videos in a closet - can you relate?
  • When you realize what you are doing is not the right path for you
  • What do you get when you mix chocolate and broccoli in your business?
  • Keeping up with customer’s requests with lightning speed
  • The real top of funnel that you may not be thinking of
  • The rules of 3’s and 10’s and what to do when you get to $5K a month (which probably is easier than you think)
  • Why you want to think like a bison in a storm
  • The reasons your Facebook ads may be shut down and how to get on Facebook’s good side
  • Why WordPress is vital to your business

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