Dr. John Demartini - How To Uncover And Pursue What Uniquely Inspires You
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Dr. John Demartini is a man on a mission and on today’s show you’ll hear how he discovered his life’s passion at a young age. He had a vision of traveling the world while teaching and sharing whatever he’d learned so that it might be of value to help others to master their lives and do something extraordinary. Over his lifetime, he has devoured over 30,000 books and inspired others to find their true passion, sharing his knowledge with the world. 


Listen in as you’ll hear stories of some of his students, and how one woman took her love of spending time with her pet and turned it into a multi-million dollar career. He discusses how to stop comparing yourself to others, utilize your forebrain to create visions of your future, and decipher what you value most so that you can then be of value to others. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our conversations with Marx Acosta-Rubio and Elliot Roe for more information on how to discover what’s holding you back so you can accomplish more with your life.


When we fill our day with the highest priority action that inspires us most - that makes the biggest difference and equitable exchange of service, we have found it. And if we do that, we don’t need motivation.” - Dr. John Demartini


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Finding your true passion
  • Aligning your passions with income requirements
  • How one woman made a living because she loved to hang out with her dog
  • How to move past external factors
  • The inner workings of your brain and why you want to light up the front part
  • Getting rid of self sabotage of our idea


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