Greg Rollett - How To Leverage Massive Existing Platforms To Grow Your Brand
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Greg is another awesome fellow marketer we got the chance to hang out with at Rich Schefren’s event in Florida, and luckily so as you cannot be around this guy and not have a huge smile on your face. He has amazing energy and ideas and on this show we cover a lot of ground with him. We also held a mastermind at Podfest, and the things Greg talked about there blew everyone’s mind in that room, so we wanted to share that in this show as well.

Listen in as he explains how he got a partnership deal with and his reality show onto Amazon Prime, and how he was able to make those deals with these high profile companies. He’s giving away amazing resources (one that’s so good you need to listen in to discover). Plus, while his business took a huge hit due to COVID, he reinvented his business model to create a brand new six figure business, all within a week. When you’re done listening, you can learn more about branding strategies from our talks with Steven Sashen and Marshall Wayne.

It’s really hard to build an audience and you have to work your tail off...I look at, if I want to build an audience, who already has my audience that I can tap into and add value to in some way.” - Greg Rollett

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • A resource that is so good, we can’t list it here (but listen to the show and you’ll find out what it is!) 
  • Matt reminisces about his very first band (and why they needed to change their name)
  • How Greg is documentoring his tribe (yes, we created a new word)
  • How to partner with the big brands - Amazon,, and others
  • Why mailing people stuff really helps you stand out (just like our newsletter that you can get in the mail!)
  • How to have breakfast with Larry King (which just might lead to a book deal)
  • The right way to crowdfund for projects, whether you are just starting out or if you have an existing audience
  • What Greg would do differently now if he was creating video content all over again
  • From one business tanking because of COVID to creating a brand new one all within a week
  • And much, much more!

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