Marshall Sylver - How To Be A Millionaire By Rewiring Your Brain
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We are back for round two with Marshall Sylver, where we had another amazing conversation which we recorded at his Certainty Theater. If you are listening to this episode, make sure you check out the video version at because you can see behind the scenes of what it looks like inside the Certainty Theater where Marshall runs his stage hypnosis shows. This was a completely different look from most of our videos, so make sure you check this one out. 

Marshall talks about the time he put Joe to sleep on stage, how he has pivoted with his training while still making a huge impact with his students and his analogy of winning both blackjack and at business. He also dives into what he refers to as a new type of podcast and why this method is so enticing. You’ll hear how he became one of the most successful closers today and how he is making a huge difference in his students lives. Want more? Go check out our previous conversations with John Assaraf and Marx Acosta-Rubio for more insight on how to harness the power of our brain to accomplish goals.

It’s the same thing in any business, that if you are not in front of a target rich environment – a prospect that would want what you are selling and could afford to buy it – you are wasting your time.” – Marshall Sylver

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • When you have too much cash blowing around in your cash grab machine
  • How often to email your list
  • Why you want to sell a ‘hard topic’
  • How Marshall makes more money than Tony Robbins, when speaking at a live event
  • A new type of podcast
  • How to win at blackjack and in life
  • Lessons learned from selling on the radio
  • How Marshall’s website skyrocketed in their Alexa ranking in only a month
  • Using the PMD technique to work your way to becoming a millionaire

Resources From Marshall Sylver:

  • Want to learn how to growth hack a podcast and watch over our shoulders (and give you all the templates and DFY swipe files)? Check out – this is where we deep dive into building, monetizing, and scaling a podcast through unique strategies like the ones from this episode.

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  • How To Destroy Mental Blocks That Are Stopping Your Progress – John Assaraf 
  • Why Some People Are Successful And Others Aren’t – Marx Acosta-Rubio
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